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Tropezon Miami is a bar serving gin and tapas to visitors in the city. In terms of both decor and cuisine, the restaurant takes inspiration from Andalusia. This tapas-style café delivers delectable dishes influenced by the flavors and ingredients of the Andalusian region. Not just that, it also takes inspiration from Arabic culture and the fresh, savory delicacies of the Mediterranean coast. In addition to classic favorites like Jamón Iberico and gazpacho, customers can pick from various specialties.

At Tropezon, the unique gin infusions combine traditional Andalusian flavors with contemporary gin mixes. In addition to a comprehensive wine collection, the restaurant offers patrons an extensive assortment of cocktails. So, let’s have a look at this amazing spot in Miami: 

All About Tropezon Miami

Address: 512 Española Way, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 305-763-8523


Tropezon in Miami is a must-place visit and quite popular among people all around. Everything from the food and drinks to the ambiance and service is top-rated here. 

Spanish Ambience And Vibes

The Spanish Vibes Tropezon translates to “to stumble” in Spanish. It was inspired by the rural taverns of the same name in Spain, where men play cards and ladies converse while sipping sherry. The name of the group translates directly to “to stumble” in Spanish. 

Tropezon Miami ambience

Moreover, the interior design of Tropezon Miami incorporates references to these ideas, evoking a sense of  1960s and 1970s Spain. T

Happy Hours at Tropezon Miami

During the week, “happy hours” are held from five to seven o’clock. Moreover, Tropezon Miami serves complimentary tapas alongside gin and tonics, cocktails beer, wine, or sherry, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Diverse Selection of Gins at Tropezon Miami

Gin is the centerpiece of the cocktail menu, with over 20 house-infused gins with various ingredients, including tea, seasonal fruits, nuts. Furthermore, various ingredients, including tea,  fruits, nuts, and even cured meats, are combined to manufacture house-infused gins. 

In addition, there is an extensive selection of gin and tonics and modern takes on traditional cocktails, such as rose sangria and gin martinis at Tropezon Miami. Not just that, the customers can sample sherry, vermouth, and a variety of other classic Spanish libations.

Moreover, you can pop in for a quick tapa or cocktail, a gin and tonic during the week, or a late-night get-together They are developing a sense of community at the beach like they did Downtown, making the beach feel more like home than it did previously.

Extensive Menu

Tropezon Miami food

The broad menu given to you at Tropezon Miami offers a variety of items that are suited for both individuals and groups. Tapas cuisine emphasizes classic Spanish flavors and ingredients, such as gazpacho, pan with tomato, tortilla Espanola, patatas bravas, and jamón Iberico, to mention a few. There are also more substantial selections, such as suckling pig, cowboy ribeye, and Albarino-olive butter-sauced local fish.


Tropezon Miami is a perfect little spot for anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful blend. All in all, it makes up for an escape from the commonplace, perfect for both weary travelers and cheerful locals. Moreover, it is a wonderful restaurant that offers an excellent fusion of Spanish cuisine and inspired cocktails, making it a great destination for food and drink lovers. The restaurant’s beautiful decor and ambiance, as well as a class apart menu, add to the overall experience. If you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable dining experience in Miami, be sure to check out this eatery in Miami. 


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