Astra Miami – Best Rooftop Restaurant!

Astra Miami is so much more than just eating out at a restaurant. Furthermore, it is an experience that anyone with a budget and preference can enjoy. Nowadays, rooftop restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a good reason for that. In this article, we’ll go over Astra in Miami, a rooftop restaurant offering the best Mediterranean food in the city with the best views. 

Astra Miami

Address 2121 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

Phone– +1 786-602-3449


Astra Miami can be your go-to place if you are heading out for an exquisite dinner or a party event. Learn why and how in the content that follows.

A Look Inside!

Miami’s Astra comes in the list of some of the best rooftop restaurants and lounges in Miami. Furthermore, this is where you can relish while admiring breathtaking sunsets and dining on Mediterranean food with a focus on Greek delicacies. Furthermore, the staff serves endless Sunday brunch and dinner every night. You may also enjoy the best wines and handcrafted drinks while meeting new people.

The Sky Lounge

The open-air patio on the Astra Miami Rooftop has been artistically manicured. Moreover, the sky garden is intended to be a bright, airy space for relaxation. The designs feature several densely planted terraces dominated by Mediterranean plant species, including olive and lemon citrus trees selected to cooperate with the abundant light. They grow all year long. In Wynwood, Astra’s Sky Gardens are an excellent location for your Instagram stories.

Astra Miami view

In addition, the venue is also ideal for all sorts of events, including corporate functions, weddings, and so on. The area can accommodate up to 350 guests at a time. You can also opt for late dinners, bottomless Sunday brunches, and bottle service available every night.

Drinks at Astra Miami

Even seasoned drinkers will take a second look at the cocktail menu because of a notable trend: the prominent Greek undertones of cocktails. Here, you can opt for several Old Fashions, sours, and mule recipes with a Hellenic twist featuring ouzo, brandy, and fig-infused vodkas. The wine list also reflects that; the white and sparkling selections are alluring.

Food Options

Miami’s Astra is a celebration of Greek and Mediterranean flavors, and influences are reason enough to visit. Additionally, how everything is presented and tastes make a return trip inevitable—and soon at that.

Astra Miami food

You’ll find all your favorite Greek dishes here, done superbly. The calamari is a special treat, and the spanakopita is as cheesy as you could hope for. The meal comprises juicy kebabs, delectable salads, and seafood-heavy entrees. Furthermore, the staff is a friendly group with amazing culinary and ingredient knowledge. 

Décor & Concept at Astra Miami

Could a Wynwood rooftop take travelers to the Greek islands? Although it could be lovely to be whisked away to the Greek islands, Astra Miami’s overpowering blooms and wicker lamp covers do a respectable job. And you don’t have to travel to Greek for it. Many regular visitors describe the ambiance of this garden-themed bar as having “the vibe of Mykonos.” It’s a vast, spacious area with 10,000 square feet of windows that look out over the city’s artsiest district.

Furthermore, the Mediterranean vibes at Sette Osteria, Astra’s sibling restaurant, are all about shades and rolled-up sleeves. As customers lounge around, their summer selfies are framed by boxes of lush plants. Rooftop bars help spread the hip, sophisticated drinking culture when done well, and Astra Miami is no exception.


So there you have it. Quite a few reasons to visit Astra Miami are to experience something new, unique, and Greek. If you are a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, then this place can serve you well. Combined with great aesthetics and courteous staff, this rooftop restaurant does a fine job of luring guests from around town.


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