Le Zoo Miami For The Best French Cuisine!

Are you longing for French meals? Well, Le Zoo Miami is the spot for you to explore! If you are craving some extraordinary escargot and want to visit a spectacular bistro with pleasant vibes in Miami, this excellent hangout is for you.

If you are shopping at the Bal Harbor or want to spend a gorgeous evening with your family or buddies, then be unerring to have a juncture for lunch at Le Zoo in Miami. It is an ideal option to devour a quality evening with your gathering, where you must relish brunch for memorable moments in this popular spot!

All About Le Zoo Miami 

Address: Bal harbor shops Ground level, 9700 Collins Avenue #135, Miami Beach, Florida 

Phone: (305) 602-9663 


Stores at Bal harbor Miami are iconic style heaven with some extravagant retail price stores. Established in an open mall, this prominent multinational shopping haul features limited choices of eateries for patrons, visitors, and residents. And in all, Le Zoo Miami serves its visitors all styles of scrumptious dishes from french cuisine.

Stephen Starr fetched his signature blend of ingenious hospitality and upgraded configuration to South Florida with this eatery. Moreover, this is the spot for an authentic French discernible and illustrative dish with a profound wine inventory. Not just that, this place apprehends the shared floor between French classiness and South Florida intricacy.


This spot has a classy and exclusive arrangement for about 200 guests. Furthermore, it is a unique spot wherein a specious appearance of old-world scenery recreates alongside tropical planters and lush palm trees.

Le Zoo Miami Ambience

Moreover, the inside dining space is fancy-looking with natural white candles and table cloth. The Interior is more close-knit than the outside patios with drinkers and actions. Le Zoo Miami glimpses like a Persian-style cabaret, and the outer dining area is an exceptional patio like the french bistros. 

In addition, you can explore the tropical planters and lush palm trees to treat yourself to either a midday luncheon from 11.30 am, a brunchtime snack, or a late-night feast till 10 pm. While serving lunch, dinner, and brunch, Le Zoo in Miami brings out the French in all of us.

Delectable Food at Le Zoo Miami 

Le Zoo’s menu is an enthusiastic extravaganza of timeless meals, attracting intensely from the sophisticated cuisine of the province. In addition, this place offers everything from fruits and chic pizzas to pristine carpaccios and other signature coastal cuisines. 

At Le Zoo Miami, one can initiate their feast with freshly made, baked bread and an onion braise, green salad, or mushroom tart – all of them are packed with savors and ameliorate your craving to endeavor more. 

Specialty Drinks

Bouillabaisse, Croque madame, quiche lorraine, or steak poivre are a few of the favorites at Le Zoo Miami, and they tandem flawlessly with a sip of bubbly from the noteworthy section. 

Le Zoo Miami drinks

You can choose red or white champagne or handcrafted cocktails from their top-shelf bench. 

Wrapping Up

The exemplary factor about Le Zoo Miami is that they give you a style venture without any aggravations. For the best french meals, you can devote a table and relish a lightful feast at this fantastic spot. 


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