Smith and Wollensky Miami – Best Steakhouse Chain!

Smith and Wollensky Miami is a group of several steakhouses with high-end accommodations. Moreover, this amazing spot is a perfect host for any event or dinner or provides a good hangout spot on the beach. Let’s explore more about this fantastic beachside restaurant in this article. 

Smith and Wollensky Miami

Address:1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Phone: +1 305-673-2800


Facing the water stands a two-story building with its green and white trademark color; Smith and Wollensky in Miami are located in the extreme south of Miami beach. The building portions offer a spectacular view of the Miami skyline and ships exiting and entering Miami port. 

Significantly, the aura of this place is calm. It is located right on the edge of the shore of Intracoastal waterways. One can have a clear view of passengers on the deck of a cruise ship. 

The Appetizing Menu

Smith and Wollensky Miami Food

While sitting with a glass of wine under the red and barely hot sun, you can look at the amazing menu. They have spectacular food and a great selection of delicious wines. You can try the super delicious blood orange margarita, not too sweet or sour, a bit of tart with a flavor of cinnamon, a perfect kiss at Smith and Wollensky Miami. Moreover, this place serves butter-sizzling dry-aged porterhouse steak grilled to perfection. Oysters and Lobsters are worth trying if you are consuming them for the first time. Furthermore, these are flavorful and fresh. 

In addition, if we take the quality of what they are known for, they serve an extensive menu, and the quality of each bite is unsurpassed by any top restaurants in countries worldwide. The quantity served is decent, with generous wine and spirits. The top recommendations are Angry Shrimp, Prawn Cocktail, Lobster, and Crabcake.

A chocolate cake is an excellent pick to wrap up the story. But be ready. It’s large enough to get down your throat. 

The View from Smith and Wollensky Miami

There couldn’t be anything better than appreciating the perfectly cooked tuna tartare and a glass of wine with Government Cut in the foreground. Add some ideal lobster and seafood cocktail with asparagus and iceberg wedge blow-torched by a skilled waiter. The views are existent and realistic. 

Smith and Wollensky Miami outside

You can sit with the water and take perfect photos. Also, you can have a look at the unique view from the patio in the daytime. The surroundings at Miami’s Smith and Wollensky are lovely and perfect. The Miami beach is undoubtedly great for steaks and seafood in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Overall, Smith and Wollensky Miami is a great place to visit for delicious steaks and seafood in a nice ambiance, a flavorful menu, and friendly staff. Now that you know how amazing this steakhouse is, the next time you find yourself around Miami beach, you will have a place to explore. 


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