Novikov Miami for Chinese-Japanese Fusion Dishes

Novikov Miami is a world-famous Chinese-Japanese fusion restaurant located on a vibrant corner of Miami Town. Guests can have the experience of never forgetting Miami night while dining over the red carpet on the terrace outside.

Novikov is particularly known for its colorful seafood and Japanese digestive. The Asian menu contains a robata grill, ample dim sum, and a sushi selection, with seven Kitchens ready to put your order on the fire. So, let’s explore this amazing restaurant more!

Novikov Miami – For The Best Fusion Dishes!

Address: 300 S Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL

Phone:  +1 305-489-1000


Novikov Miami’s design incorporates an open kitchen and unique wavy decorations emanating from the center of the ceiling. Furthermore, there are textured wooden walls and columns of tree trunks. 

To provide an extraordinary dining experience, guests can take advantage of the Sushi bar and Chef’s table. 

A Unique Experience at Novikov Miami

There can’t be a better and more beautiful experience than Novikov in Miami. Furthermore, the restaurant, along with deliciously good food, serves a pleasant environment and consistency. Japanese and Chinese food are twisted for your mouth to melt with the first bite.  

Novikov Miami for Chinese

In addition, this restaurant has a serene and fantastic vibe, and the overall atmosphere is quite amazing. Moreover, this eatery is astonishingly fabulous for those tasting these dishes for the first time.

If you want a red-carpet dining experience, there are many places to impart that red glow to your face. Miami’s Novikov is one of those incredible places to witness a stunning red-carpet dining experience. Furthermore, the selection of dishes and wines is excellent. Any main course topped with a breathtaking choco lava cake with ginger ice cream and lemongrass brulee is an added charm.

Additionally, the sashimi, nigiri mix plates, the king crab leg, and the cod with the ginger bok choi paired with steamed rice are the top dishes.

Other Experiences

The decorations are worth experiencing, super eclectic, and modern. Moreover, opting for a terrace will get you another dream experience. Additionally, there is a live DJ on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights for an on-demand music experience.

Novikov Miami serves an extensive menu, and the quality of every bite is unsurpassed by any top restaurant in countries worldwide. The quantity served is decent, with a touch of generous wine and spirits. Moreover, the desserts are served on a tray with dry ice making it a unique experience altogether. 

Private Dining Room

They offer their clients a private dining room with a special design to make the family moment special. Further, the furnished dining space is also suited for private events and business meetings. 

Novikov Miami Menu

Novikov Miami food

Novikov has an unsurpassed variety of titles in its menu book. Further, the cuisine at Novikov Miami boasts gourmet touches such as slow poached Quail Egg Gunkan and Truffle and Novikon special Peking duck with Royal Caviar. There are trademark dishes served with a generous amount of wine. 

A few of the Top treats are:

  • Kiri Japnese Old Fashioned
  • King Crab Roll
  • Spicy Prawn Money bags
  • Honey Truffle King Crab Leg
  • Wasabi Martini
  • Black Cod Crispy Rolls
  • Sea Urchin
  • Sea Bream
  • Peking Duck 

Novikov Miami also has a separate seafood market display from where guests can handpick items for daily sources of seasonal ingredients. 


Novikov Miami is one of the city’s most liked and fabulous restaurants. Further, it aims to provide the most authentic experience to people who are a fan of different flavors. In short, this restaurant for Chinese-Japanese fusion cuisines is a perfect place for you to explore. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing spot in the city. Explore RegalBuzz and find out more about more restaurants and things to do!


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