Tigre Miami – Best Argentinian Restaurant to Explore!

Tigre Miami provides a riverside dining setting, mouthwatering Argentian plate, and a lively union of an organized terrace & a bar. All of these are the elements of an eatery joint made in the heavens. But connect these to Tigre, and your wishes will come true. This restaurant is unique yet familiar, offers exceptional clutter-free service, and provides the same but delicious food all day long. Let’s dive into the pool of insights and know why this restaurant in Miami is so unique.

Tigre Miami

Address– 620 NE 78th St, Miami, FL 

Phone– +1 305-456-9540


From overview to food and ambiance to service, here is our brief review of the Tigre in Miami. Read on to know why you should plan a visit here.

All About Tigre Miami

The Tigre Miami is known for combining the peacefulness of the river with the delicacies of Argentinean cuisine. Moreover, the dishes are prepared with a modern take, and fresh ingredients are sourced for every meal. While outdoor dining is preferable, the vibe continues to the indoor club and roof restaurant. You can enjoy a variety of drinks here in a sparkling atmosphere. Furthermore, the bar is inspired by the usual Buenos Aires Cafes. The architecture also reflects the elements of the popular neighborhood bistros of “bodegones.” You can also see notes of American cuisine here, influenced by the symbolic mix of cultural diversities.

The Menu

Tigre Miami food

A range of expertly grilled meats, seafood, and vegetable-forward meals are available on the menu. Most of the items primarily comprise small plates. Many of these dishes are based on Argentinian classics, but they are reimagined with a contemporary and sophisticated twist. The staff takes delight in locating the finest items that regional farms and vendors offer, with a heavy emphasis on seasonal components. In addition to a wine list meticulously curated to feature great Argentine wines, the Tigre Miami bar specializes in aperitifs and distinctive handcrafted cocktails.

The diners in this establishment prefer Argentine cuisine, so Tigre Miami always provides delicious beet salads, beef ribs, and crabs for their customers to enjoy. Place your order for savory Leche flan, buuelos, and chocolate ganache. At Tigre, some of the most well-liked alcoholic beverages are delicious beers, gins, and wines. Do not pass up the opportunity to drink their excellent coffee.

The Atmosphere

Tigre in Miami is not only about dining but also about developing community and giving a tranquil ambiance to a location just a few feet away from one of Miami’s busiest intersections. Furthermore, Tigre was designed by renowned architect and designer Cesar Pelli. Additionally, it is the ideal place to unwind after a long day by drinking a gin cocktail by the river while the sun sets and organizing a wood-fired meal for your birthday. Moreover, the area has multiple spaces and friendly and accommodating staff.

Tigre Miami outside

Excellent Service at Tigre Miami

Because of its convenient location, you will be able to find this spot quickly. If you read the reviews of Tigre Miami left by previous customers, you’ll see that the waitstaff at this establishment is enthusiastic. When seen from the customers’ perspective, the prices are very appealing. Guests can unwind and enjoy themselves here as a result of the great atmosphere and charming furnishings. According to the Google rating system, this pub has a score of 4.1.


So now you have all the details about Tigre Miami, you can always pop in and try your favorite dishes on the menu. Furthermore, this is a spot not to be missed for a short dining gateway in the lap of nature with beautiful scenery.


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