Sadelles Miami Coconut Groove Restaurant

Sadelles Miami is the ultimate destination for food, caviar, sides, and much more. Moreover, this is a city that is always on the move. There is always something happening in Miami, whether it is the busy streets and bustling nightlife or the ever-changing weather that brings in tropical breezes and sunshine. As one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, Miami has plenty of delicious food options. In addition, Sadelle in Miami is in the coconut groove neighborhood of the city and is famous for some speciality dishes on the menu. 

Furthermore, Sadelle is a new addition to Miami’s already bustling restaurant scene. It is an all-American cuisine restaurant with its roots in NYC and now expanding to other states and countries worldwide. Let’s have a look at what makes it a must-visit spot!  

All About Sadelles Miami

Address: 3321 Mary St. Coconut Grove, Miami FL 

Phone: 305 990 8707


A Look Inside

Sadelles Miami has roots in New York City, where the first restaurant was opened in the SoHo neighborhood in 2016. It is a typical American restaurant and offers the traditional all-day dining experience. Moreover, it immediately became a hit among people. 

Sadelles Miami Coconut Groove Restaurant

Sadelle’s has been mentioned in many prestigious magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan for its amazing food, events, and atmosphere. It features some of the award-winning dishes on its menu. 

Design & Ambiance

Sadelle’s Miami restaurant is a beautiful and elegant establishment that oozes sophistication. Moreover, the interior is decorated lavishly and luxuriously, with an Italian marble floor and rich fabrics dominating the atmosphere. In addition, the comfortable bamboo cane chairs with round wooden tables can seat 4-6 people. Moreover, some green plants are hanging from the wooden rafters above the bar, giving a garden-like look to the space, with beautiful round-shaped lamps.

Seating at Sadelles Miami

The outdoor seating is designed to look like traditional American with wooden grill chairs, bamboo chairs, and sofas with pastel orange and grey. Interestingly, the walls are blue, and the windows are black. There are enough beautiful green plants around the restaurant, and there is an air of celebration about the place. The staff is professional and courteous, and it is apparent that they take great pride in their work. The food is delicious and well-crafted.

Sadelles Miami restaurant is one of the most unique and atmospheric restaurants, and it feels like you are in a comfortable, relaxed, and urban environment.

Food & Services

Food experience at Sadelles Miami

Sadelles in Miami offers all-day dining and brunch to people and aims to provide the most sophisticated and delicious food to the people in the coconut groove neighborhood of Miami. Their mission is to show the people of Miami the excellent time they deserve, which will last from morning through night. 

The restaurant is known to serve the best bagels and sticky buns. Apart from that, triple-decker sandwiches, salmon salad tower, salmon benedict, cobb salad, lobster salad, fried chicken with coleslaw, and cantaloupe cocktails are some of the dishes that you should try.

Furthermore, Sadelle’s Coconut Groove Miami also offer to host large and small parties, semi-private and private parties. 

Wrapping Up

Sadelles Miami is a must-visit spot if you are in the city. Moreover, the restaurant offers an elegant all-day dining experience that will leave you satisfied. You will be so delighted by the atmosphere and service that you may not want to leave the place. So, get ready for that! 


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