Try 6 Spots for Karaoke Miami 

Karaoke Miami The Karaoke Miami scene is worth exploring while you are out and about in the city. Not just that, there are karaoke bars that provide an excellent experience to you while you sing your heart out. So, if you are still searching for dapper karaoke nights. Well, you can always find the best karaoke in Miami. Check out our top picks here: 

Best Karaoke Miami for You to Try!

Here are the 6 Karaoke Miami spots for you to explore!


Sweet Caroline 

Sweet Caroline 

Sweet Caroline Karaoke bar is Miami’s top bar. Along with that, this cozy bar opened its doors in 2018 to bring people together for singing, dancing, and drinking. Its unique space gives you the sense of a rockstar.

Interestingly, it has an American-style Miami karaoke bar that hosts thousands of people from townies to tourists, amateurs to specialists, solos to duets. It is available from Tuesday to Saturday, with Wednesday as ladies’ night. 

Location: 1111 SW 1 St Ave, #107, Miami, FL

Contact: (786) 673-2522 



Seven Seas (Se7aS) Bar 

Seven Seas (Se7aS) Bar 

Seven seas is a traditional karaoke dive bar with dim light and cigarette-smoke-filled surroundings. 

Even the colloquial karaoke buff in Miami adores this mythical Karaoke bar in Miami with its spontaneous multitude. Not just that, it has promising vibes and a highly laid-back ambiance. It serves tightfisted beverages and a good time. Seven Seas bar hosts karaoke nights thrice weekly, from 9 pm on Tuesday to 10 pm on Thursday and Sunday.

Location: 2200 SW 57th St, Miami, FL 

Contact: (305) 266-6071 



The Bay Club – Karaoke Miami

The Bay Club 

The close-knit atmosphere of the Bay club entitles sightseers to calm down after a hard-working day. One can appreciate this bar’s flawlessly cooked pepperoni, salads, and meatballs, along with the exemplary karaoke Miami twilight.

This place rocks out with the most promising karaoke in the United States on Thursday nights. From hip-hop classics to old-school moments, you can whack the best karaoke at the Bay club every Thursday at 9 pm. 

Location: 1930 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL

Contact: (305) 695-4441


Jada Coles 

Jada Coles 

Jada coles is a down-to-earth vicinity bar with cocktails and countered live music twilights with a buzzy happy hour. Not just that, the interior of the bar is seductive, swarthy, and welcoming. It’s a perfect fit spot for a date, scrutinizing a game, overseeing a band play, or piping your heart out with confidantes on karaoke Miami. 

Location: 2845 Coral Way, Miami, FL

Contact: (786) 391-3698 



Better Days Bar 

Better Days Bar 

Better day bar is a laid-back cocktail bar inside a thrift shop, and it features craft cocktails, beer, and wines. It’s a merriment bar with a pleasant lounge vicinity, cozy seating, and glee areas. Moreover, it puts Jenga and Dominos playing alongside a pool table. It is a low-key delight bar with awesome music and complimentary popcorn. This Karaoke Miami renounces karaoke night in Miami on Monday with ladies’ night. Ladies get to relish happy hour prices all night long.

Location: 75 SE 6th St, Miami, FL

Contact: (786) 220-7690 



The Bend Liquor Lounge for Karaoke Miami

The Bend Liquor Lounge for Karaoke Miami

The Bend is a cozy little bar in Miami Lake Neighborhood, popular for its delicious food, drinks, and, ofcourse, weekly specials. Moreover, the beautiful decor of the bar adds to the cozy and charming atmosphere. 

So, if you want a Karaoke Miami experience, this is one of the best places to try. In addition, it is a regular neighborhood dive bar known for its night specials like Ladies’ Night, Games Night, and Karaoke Night. 

Address: 6844 NW 169th st. Miami Lakes

Phone: 786 542 1948



Bird Bowl

Bird Bowl

This bowling place was established in 1955, and since then, it has entertained the people of Miami. Furthermore, there is a full restaurant and L bar to enjoy while at Bird Bowl. The bird bowl has much more to offer than just bowling. In addition, it features a huge game room, a billiards room, and a karaoke room.

Not just that, you have to make an online reservation for the Karaoke room, as there is no walk-in option. You can reserve the room from Monday to Thursday for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 hours. Bird Bowl is the best place to enjoy Karaoke in Miami at any time of the day with friends or family. 

Address: 9275 SW 40th St. Miami

Phone: 305 221 1221


Wrapping Up

Karaoke Miami is the best place for music fans who want to sing their hearts out. These 8 best karaoke spots offer rooms for parties and a lot of cocktails to loosen you up. 

Grab the best Karaoke seat to sing loud and enjoy your heart out!!


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