Kush Miami: The Amazing Gastropub

Gone are the times when people used to prefer simple and sleek dining spaces. As we transition into an advanced culinary world, more people are inclined towards restaurants that offer something out of the box. Kush Miami is a classic example of such a setting. Not only is the food unique, but the interior and the ambiance are also on another level. Let’s explore more about this in this piece of writing.

Kush Miami: The Art-Filled Gastropub

Location- 2003 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 

Contact- +1 305-576-4500


Kush Miami is an art-filled gastropub. It is an eco-friendly place where you can enjoy scratch-made fares and an electric wine and craft beer glass. The restaurant is a part of the Kush hospitality group of Miami, having lots of joints already established in the area. The group usually focuses on one-of-a-kind concepts instead of merging different things together.

Kush Miami ambience

The Food Speciality at Kush Miami

The food concept revolves around offering light snacks and drinks instead of heavy meals. Items like burgers take center stage in this laid-back restaurant. A few of them are on the menu, including the pastrami-topped Johnny Utah and the sweet and salty Frita, one of the local’s favorites. The patties are small enough to produce a lovely, even crust on both sides but thick enough to let you know you’re cutting into a good slab of beef. They are a rare partisan burger that is a must-try when you are here.

Despite being soft, the buns can withstand the fluids from the meat without becoming soggy. The staff at Kush in Miami gets inventive and adds toppings like chile and guava jelly. Start with the fried alligator if you’re dining with a group; it’s the most tender gator you’ll ever eat or the delectable stoner dish they call hobo Frito pie. Other delicacies include Key Lime Pie, fried conch sandwich, Johnny Utah, Frita, Hobo Frito Pie, Florida Alligator bites, and classic burger.

The Menu Rundown

Kush Miami food

Florida Alligator Bites

Many restaurants offer alligator on the menu, hoping you’ll order it since someone at the table has never tried it. That kind of dish is not this one. It’s more delicate than any gator you may ever have and perfectly fried to a crisp. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time trying alligator, you should try this.

Hobo Frito Pie

It’s strange to find this traditional Southwestern dish—chilli, cheese, and onions—served with a package of Fritos in Miami. But you can expect good surprises since Kush Miami’s chili is so good. Try it out if you’re in a company of three or more people. Kush spreads the Frito bag out like a plate to make sharing easier. However, be cautious because this food can quickly make you feel full.


Frita is the ideal burger to try every time you visit Kush. A thin layer of guava jelly that tops this flawlessly brings out the saltiness of the bacon and the potato stix. Various tastes can combine to create something lovely. It is Miami’s philosophy in the shape of a burger. This burger can make you worth your money for sure. 

Jony Utah

Many Guests are concerned that adding hot pastrami would be overpowering in this sandwich. However, they only add two thin slices, so the pastrami flavor comes through later, giving the dish a pleasant smokiness at Kush Miami.


So that was our short review of the Kush Miami. We hope you have plenty of reasons to try this excellent eatery joint. And even if you are still doubtful about some aspects, you can always head on to Kush and try out a meal. You can explore the artsy side of this restaurant along with great food. 


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