Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami – Top 7 Picks!

The Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami is available at some of the top restaurants in the city. Since the city is full of amazing restaurants and spots to try Cuban delicacies, we have selected these top 7 places for you to try. So, let’s look at some of the best places in Miami where you can grab an excellent Cuban sandwich:

Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami


The Sanguich

The Sanguich

In search of a delicious Cuban sandwich in Miami? Well, Sanguich is the only place to go! Moreover, this sandwich store is well-known for its mouthwatering sandwiches crafted with top-notch, fresh ingredients. In addition, the Sanguich Cuban sandwich is a must-try since it is made with fresh, crusty bread filled with juicy roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles. It is then grilled to perfection, making it a tasty and hearty sandwich.

Whether you want a quick lunch or a leisurely meal, this is the perfect spot for a delicious Cuban sandwich. So head on over and enjoy!

Address: 2057 SW 8th St, Miami

Phone: +1 305-539-0969



Latin Cafe 2000 for Some of the Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami

Latin Cafe 2000 for Some of the Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami

There’s no denying that the best Cuban sandwich is a Miami staple. And there’s no better place to get one than Latin Café 2000.Furthermore, this unassuming little café is located in a strip mall in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, and it has been serving up some of the best Cuban sandwiches in the city for years.

In addition, the sandwiches at Latin Café 2000 are filled with deliciousness. The traditional sandwich features ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, and it’s served on fresh Cuban bread.

Additionally, there is also a vegetarian and a Cuban chicken sandwich available at the café if you’re searching for something a little different. No matter which sandwich you choose, you’re sure to be satisfied. And at just $5.50 a sandwich!

Address: 875 NW 42nd Ave, Miami

Phone: +1 305-642-4700



Sergio’s Cuban Sandwich  

Sergio's Cuban Sandwich  

Sergio’s is the right place to try some of the Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami. This little hole-in-the-wall spot is in Little Havana and has served delicious Cuban sandwiches for years.

The secret to Sergio’s success is simple: fresh, quality ingredients. In addition, the bread is always freshly baked, and the fillings are always flavorful. Not just that, the sandwiches are simple, but they’re packed with flavor. In short, Sergio’s is the place to go if you’re seeking a mouthwatering Cuban sandwich full of flavors.

Address: 40 SW 12th St, Miami

Phone: +1 786-500-0201



Luis Galindo

Luis Galindo

There’s something about a Cuban sandwich that just hits the spot. And when you’re in Miami, there’s no better place to get one than at Luis Galindo’s. This no-frills sandwich shop has been serving up the best Cuban sandwiches in Miami for years.

Moreover, Luis Galindo’s Cuban bread is soft and fluffy on the inside while being crispy on the outside. Furthermore, it is the perfect vessel for all of the delicious fillings in their sandwiches.

Address: 898 Red Rd, West Miami

Phone: +1 305-267-9995

Website: Luis Galindo’s


Las Olas Café

Las Olas Café

Las Olas is the perfect spot for some of the Best Cuban Sandwich in Miami, and if you want to try their specialty sandwich, you should keep this spot in mind. Moreover, this tiny café in the center of Little Havana has been churning out some of the tastiest Cuban sandwiches in the city.

Moreover, Las Olas Cafe uses only the freshest ingredients in its sandwiches, including traditional Cuban bread baked daily. In addition, the result is a sandwich packed and full of flavor.

Address: 644 6th St, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 305-534-9333



Enriquetas Sandwich Shop

Enriquetas Sandwich Shop

This amazing sandwich shop has everything you need when it comes to Cuban cuisine. Moreover, if you have the munchies for one of Miami’s Best Cuban Sandwich, then this place is a must-visit for you. Furthermore, there is no better spot to savor one of these delectable sandwiches than at the famed sandwich shop’s original location in Little Havana.

The Cuban sandwich at Enriqueta’s is simple but perfect. A crispy Cuban loaf is filled with juicy roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles, then toasted to perfection. It is then served with a side of delicious Cuban-style black beans.

Address: 186 NE 29th St, Miami

Phone: +1 305-573-4681



Havana 1957

Havana 1957

Havana 1957 is a Cuban sandwich shop in Miami specializing in authentic Cuban cuisine. Furthermore, the shop is named after the year that Fidel Castro overthrew Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. The shop’s signature sandwich is the Havana 1957 Cuban sandwich, made with Cuban bread, ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. Interestingly, the sandwich is then toasted and pressed.

Moreover, this spot also offers other Cuban favorites like Cuban coffee, croquetas, empanadas, and pastries. Havana 1957 is the place to go if you’re seeking an authentic Cuban sandwich in Miami.

Address: 405 Española Way, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 305-503-3828


Wrapping Up

The best Cuban Sandwich in Miami is available at some of the top places out there. These sandwiches range from traditional Cubanos to creative spins on them, and we hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as we did. 

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