Bakan Miami for Mouthwatering Cuisines!

Bakan Miami is the eatery for you to explore and experience. However, there are plenty of places in the city. But getting to the right spot can be overwhelming. For people who love Mexican gourmet, Bakan in Miami is one of the most sought-after options in the town. Let us shed light on the specialties of this joint and what makes it so popular in an American cuisine-dominated Miami Market.

Bakan Miami for the Best Mexican Dishes!

Address- 2801 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 

Contact- +1 305-396-7080


Bakan Miami is different from your traditional restaurant. But its unique setting and a plethora of unexceptional dishes make it quite popular. So, let’s explore further! 

This is a stylish outpost offering plenty of rooms for guests to unwind in the Mexican food space. You can easily see people try the best Mexican tacos and tostadas alongside a variety of mezcals and margaritas. Furthermore, the main focus here is to combine traditional Mexican cuisine with modern-day cooking methods. In addition, the chefs try to perfect the old Mexican dishes with ingredients and recipes of today.

Bakan Miami is an ideal spot for locals and tourists. Besides food, you can also enjoy the visual surroundings. The creative interior makes way for better comfort. Don’t forget the appealing decoration of every single dish here. The regular lunch and supper menu features fresh, artisanal ingredients.

Dining at Bakan Miami

Nixtamal, mezcal, and wood fire are the pre-Hispanic components that form the foundation of Bakan’s Mexican dining experience.

Mouthwatering Cuisines Bakan Miami

Furthermore, Nixtamal is the fundamental ingredient in Bakan’s tortilla recipe. The Aztec word represents partially cooked maize. At Bakan, Nixtamal is milled every day using Mexican-imported ancestral organic corn. For the freshest experience possible, the tortillas are handmade one at a time and placed on the dish as soon as they come off the comal (griddle). The aim is to offer a taste that should transport diners back to the opulent days of the Aztecs.

To cater to each diner’s preferences, this spot offers a wide variety of mezcals, either by the sip or by the shot. 

Lastly, it is the wood grill. Bakan Miami is made over a wood fire grill that is fuelled by cherry and oak wood. To provide a smokey flavor that matches nicely with mezcal and our freshly produced salsas, the chef toasts the tortilla chips on top of the grill and cooks our fish, seafood, and meats in the same manner.

Interiors and Exteriors

Bakan in Miami is the newest invention from the renowned Jaguar Hospitality Group and Grupo Gavall. Moreover, it is situated in the center of Miami’s most artistic area, Wynwood. The space is so large that it allows the preparation of a huge range of genuine regional meals, extensive mezcal and tequila selections, and artisan tortilla selection.

You will appreciate the open-view kitchen where visitors can see master artisans make handmade tortillas. Then there is the breathtaking four-tiered glass case with more than 500 mezcals and tequilas. Overall, every inch of the area exudes a vibrant, lively, and friendly setting to enjoy an authentic Mexican experience. This is a 180-seat restaurant bar conveying fun, warm and lively vibes.

Dining at Bakan Miami

On the outdoors, you will notice a small garden area that showcases live cactuses and plants from the Mexican lands. The stonework benches and a cowboy’s statue will add interest to your visit to the Bakan Miami.

Food Specialties

Traditional Mexican cuisine is served at this gorgeous restaurant, which is a far cry from the taco stands found everywhere in Miami. Oaxacan mole meals and whole grilled fish are available here. If you’re daring, look for the “Los Insectos” section of the menu, where you’ll find dishes like escamoles, a rare ant caviar wrapped in a blue corn tortilla and topped with a spoonful of guacamole and pickled vegetables. You may also feel interested in gusanos de maguey; pan-fried agave worms served with blue corn tortillas and a side of guacamole.

Chapulines, a grasshopper species indigenous to Mexico and Central America, are also available at Bakan as a tostada dish. Choose a tequila or mezcal from Bakan’s collection of more than 200 options to go with your meal.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the amazing Bakan Miami restaurant. Head on to this fantastic restaurant for a fun-filled and mouthwatering Mexican treat. Do check out the menu on the official site if you are not sure about what to order.


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