Fiola Miami – The finest Italian Eatery!

Fiola Miami is a fine-dining Italian restaurant in Miami’s bustling downtown area. Furthermore, it is led by award-winning chef Fabio Trabocchi; the restaurant offers a sophisticated menu of traditional Italian dishes made with the highest quality ingredients. Moreover, Fiola in Miami is a must-visit for foodies looking for an exceptional dining experience.

All About Fiola Miami

Address: 1500 San Ignacio Ave, Coral Gables, FL 

Phone: +1 305-912-2639


Chef Fabio Trabocchi is the originator of Fiola Miami and the driving force behind its superb food. Moreover, Trabocchi was born in Le Marche, Italy, and has 20 years of expertise in the culinary profession. Furthermore, Fiola Miami’s cuisine is influenced by the chef’s background in Italy and his enthusiasm for using the most significant ingredients to produce tasty and inventive meals.

Since its establishment, it has won various awards and has become a favorite place for foodies and fine dining fans in Miami. The restaurant was designated one of the “50 Best Italian Restaurants in the World” by the Italian publication La Stampa and got a three-star rating from the Miami Herald.

The Menu at Fiola Miami

Fiola Miami food

Fiola Miami delivers modern Italian food, employing fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Further, the menu contains a range of meals, including appetizers, pasta dishes, meat and seafood dinners, and desserts.

Some of the signature dishes of Fiola include lobster risotto, black truffle pappardelle, and branzino al sale. In addition, the restaurant also provides daily specials, which emphasize seasonal ingredients and the chef’s culinary expertise.

Furthermore, Fiola Miami is glad to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies. The restaurant provides a range of vegetarian and gluten-free meals, and the chef is ready to work with clients to create a personalized dining experience. In addition, it is also able to accommodate various dietary requirements upon request, such as vegan, dairy-free, and nut-free.

The Atmosphere

The design is beautiful and refined, with a neutral color scheme and comfortable furnishings. Further, the ambiance is polished and cozy, with dark lighting and a comfortable, sophisticated environment. The restaurant also offers an outside patio area, a popular site for al fresco eating during the warmer months. Overall, the ambiance at Fiola Miami is excellent for special events and romantic feasts.

Moreover, Fiola in Miami boasts unique features and facilities, contributing to its exquisite ambiance and exceptional dining experience. These include a complete bar with premium wines and artisan cocktails, a private dining room for special parties, and an outside patio space for al fresco eating. The restaurant also boasts an expansive, open kitchen, allowing guests to observe the cooks as they produce the food.

Special Events at Fiola Miami

Fiola Miami ambience

This Italian eatery organizes special events, including private dinners, business gatherings, and wedding receptions. The restaurant is also available for buyouts, which allow parties to take over the whole room for a personalized dining experience.

Fiola in Miami provides a range of facilities and services for special occasions, including a private dining room, a complete bar, and catering services. The restaurant can also supply extra facilities upon request, such as audio-visual equipment and décor.

Fiola Miami has several notable features and amenities for special events, including an outdoor patio area, a full bar, and a private dining room.


Fiola Miami is a sophisticated and indulgent dining experience, offering delicious Italian cuisine and impeccable service in an elegant atmosphere. What truly sets this spot apart is its attention to detail and unparalleled dining experience. From the exquisite presentation of each dish to the thoughtful touches throughout the restaurant, every aspect of the experience is carefully curated to ensure guests feel pampered and indulged.


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