All About Casa Tua Miami – The Italian Eatary

Casa Tua Miami provides the ideal eating experience by combining components of the five senses. Whether within the elegant Mediterranean villa or outside in the charming garden, guests are treated to sensual views, sounds, aromas, textures, and tastes. Furthermore, it is a special place to savor the delectable Northern Italian cuisine, superb wine, and gorgeous art. 

Miami’s Casa Tua delivers remarkable moments that distinguish it from any other restaurant, whether it’s the comforting feeling in the library, the brilliance of the lantern-lit tree branches in the beautiful garden, or the joyful mood of the 20-seat Chef Table with full sight of all the cooking bustle.

Casa Tua Miami – For Delectable Cuisine

Address: 1700 James Avenue in Miami Beach

Phone: +1 305-673-1010


Set up in 2002, Casa Tua Miami is a distinctive Mediterranean renaissance home known and appreciated for its distinct style. Moreover, standing in stark contrast to the trademark architecture, its characterizes South Beach’s iconic Art Deco district. 

Additionally, there is nothing on the beach that matches Casa Tua Miami’s subtle beauty. Moreover, it continues to mark a new benchmark of excellence in Miami.

Facilities at Casa Tua Miami

Casa Tua is a luxury Italian restaurant that welcomes visitors from around the globe. Further, this is a place that surely makes you feel at your home and makes your events memorable.

Casa Tua Miami food

Here are some of the luxury facilities provided by the restaurant;

  • The Library – The primary dining area, The Library, is a modest yet exquisitely refined environment with beautiful Italian furniture and world-renowned artworks. Significantly, the guests have the impression that they are in their own sophisticated yet calm home away from home. In addition, this area at Casa Tua Miami seats up to 52 people.
  • The Chef’s Table – This is a semi-private place with glimpses into their open kitchen, allowing you to watch the expert chefs create your dish precisely. Moreover, this space can accommodate about 22 people.
  • The Garden – The ethereal garden, with lush tropical plants and vegetation, carries visitors with the radiance of tree-hung lanterns, candlelight, and twilight, creating an al fresco eating experience like none other. Sounds serene, right?
  • Garden Patio – This compact space at Casa Tua in Miami is opposite the chef’s table and adjacent to the garden, with a separate entrance and great views. Furthermore, about 25 people can enjoy the treats from the restaurant on this patio.
  • East Garden – This tiny patio location, with a capacity of 30 people and is a rarity in Miami Beach. Further, it provides a superb ambient dining experience enveloped by a beautiful lush garden sanctuary.
  • The Club – This intimate, charming upstairs room was designed as a second home for guests to enjoy and be enthralled. Seats 40 people seated and 80 people for cocktails.
  • Club Terrace – The private Club Terrace, sitting atop the East Garden, offers views of both the city and the garden beneath.

Memberships at Casa Tua Miami

 Casa Tua Miami ambience

Casa Tua Miami also features various kinds of memberships for its regular customers. These include Individual, lifetime, and Global. This allows people to enjoy the exquisite taste of some of the best dishes in the city while having a good time with all the exclusivity! 


Casa Tua Miami is a unique lifestyle restaurant that believes in passion, love, environmentalism, and benevolence. Thus, the restaurant is nestled in an Italian-style villa. Moreover, it is distinguished only by an open doorway and diners seated at fine outside tables. Furthermore, it is a location where simplicity meets refinement!

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