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Mexican cuisine is a celebration of flavors, textures, and colors. From the cheesy quesadillas to the sweet Empanadas, it’s no surprise that Mexican restaurants such as Taqueria Chingon in Chicago have become so popular, especially when it comes to tacos in Chicago! In this article, we’ll explore what makes Taqueria Chingon unique – from its traditional offerings to its flavorful combinations. We will also devise why it continues to be such a favorite among locals.

Explore Taqueria Chingon Chicago

Location-  2234 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 

Contact- +1 773-687-9408


Read on to discover why Mexican cuisine is served best when you are at a restaurant such as Taqueria Chingon Chicago. Moreover, Taqueria Chingon is a popular restaurant in the area serving iconic family Mexican cuisine with favorites like tacos and quesadillas. After several experiences with pop-ups and backyard barbecues, Oliver Poilevey and Marcos Ascencio have teamed up in their new business, Taqueria Chingón. 

Furthermore, the restaurant is a Mexican-style taqueria specializing in the Al Pastor, one of Mexico City’s most famous street snacks. The spot is in Chicago’s Bucktown district. You will like the menu with traditional favorites and other tacos that start new traditions.

The Food and the Menu

Taqueria Chingon Chicago Food

The menu at Taqueria Chingon in Chicago features a wide variety of authentic Mexican dishes, with an emphasis on tacos. The restaurant offers a range of options for meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans. Some popular taco options include the Al Pastor, Carnitas, and Barbacoa; all served on fresh, homemade tortillas. The restaurant also serves other classic Mexican dishes such as tamales, enchiladas, and burritos, as well as a range of sides and drinks to complete the meal.

Some sides, like rice and beans, and other specials make the menu interesting. Furthermore, there is a changing selection of around 12 tacos on the menu that people often fantasize about in the same manner they search for colors for their paintings. Each taco has the complexity of a full meal thanks to the rich contents placed into soft homemade tortillas.

The smoky morcilla (made with blood, bread, onion, and apples), medium-rare carne asada with cebollitas and a chipotle chimichurri, and tender al pastor with the ideal amount of pineapple to offset the spicy pork are dishes you’ll always find on the menu. And some of the tacos—but not all—sell out more quickly than a three-bedroom in a decent school area with a new roof and a functional fireplace.

Some of the more original choices here include duck carnitas with date puree, orange segments, and chicharrones. Moreover, the vegetarian version of al pastor is served in the same trompo as its meaty sibling and made with intensely delicious mushrooms and celery root at Taqueria Chingon Chicago. Additionally, there is the hard-to-find honey-glazed squash with goat cheese crema.

Affordability of Taqueria Chingon Chicago

Taqueria Chingon ambience

In addition to its delicious food and friendly staff, Taqueria Chingon Chicago is also known for its reasonable prices. Furthermore, the restaurant offers excellent value for the food quality and the portions, making it an accessible and affordable option for anyone looking for a tasty meal. Not just that, it also offers takeout and delivery options so that you can order their delicious food. Overall, Taqueria Chingon is a must-visit for anyone who loves Mexican cuisine and wants an authentic and satisfying dining experience in Chicago. 


Mexican cuisine is an art in many cultures, and Chicago is no exception. Whether you’re a fan of tacos or enchiladas, you can find some of the most unique and delicious dishes at the Taqueria Chingon Chicago. This restaurant has something for everyone, from the flavorful spices to the unique combination of ingredients. So don’t forget to consider it for your next dining getaway.


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