The Patio Chicago: Feast On The Panoramic Views

The Patio Chicago is the perfect place to relax and sip wine amidst nature. Moreover, it offers you the experience of dining and drinking alongside scenic views. Imagine having the most exquisite wine at the most picturesque restaurant while enjoying the nature boardwalk. And if you are a pet lover, this Gold Coast Chicago restaurant is the perfect place because they allow you to bring them along. Keep scrolling through the article to learn more about the restaurant. 

Explore The Patio Chicago 

Address 2021 N Stockton Dr, Chicago, IL

Phone – +1 312-507-9053

Website – 

The Patio in Chicago is situated next to Café Brauer (2021 North Stockton), a historic Prairie School-inspired monument, slightly south of the main zoo grounds. The Patio at Lincoln Park Zoo provides unrivaled views of restored grassland habitat and the Chicago skyline as it overlooks ponds at Nature Boardwalk. 

Dining at The Patio Chicago 

How can someone miss having the perfect meal at the perfect location? The Patio in Chicago opens up seasonally; when it does, it is usually in spring. During springtime, you will witness the most beautiful landscape—vastly stretched flat grassland with moderate temperature. Along with the prairie ecosystem, you will also see the Chicago skyline. Furthermore, the magnificent views of the Chicago skyline increase the intrinsic value of the restaurant. 

While you can choose an indoor dining option, you can also go for an outdoor one to enjoy the scenic view. The elegant indoor interior makes it perfect for personal and professional meetings. On the other hand, outdoor dining can help you capture the beautiful Chicago skyline amidst the vastly spread grassland. 

The staff’s primary focus is to ensure that the customer is satisfied. This points out another reason to dine at the Patio Chicago. The restaurant has initiated a more straightforward system via third-party applications to give customers a smooth and easy reservation experience. The customers can reserve the table online in advance before visiting the restaurant. 

Menu at the Patio Chicago

Menu at The Patio Chicago

Broadwalk brunch at the Patio in Chicago features both savory and sweet delights. Feast on buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and smoked salmon bagel. Furthermore, the surrounding nature compliments the versatile dishes present on the menu. Fresh salads, homemade chips, classic hummus, and a special “Impossible Burger” add to the experience’s beauty. The side dish of fries accompanies every dish. 

The lunch and dinner menu at the Patio Chicago offers a wide variety of eatables. There are sandwiches and soups along with shared plates like tomato bruschetta. However, the dessert section on the menu is rather exciting. Cheesecake Nutella spring rolls melt in the mouth, and the sweet explosion in the strawberry spring rolls takes you by surprise.

The Patio also offers a variety of drinks and cocktails, including local, craft, international, and on-tap beers, in addition to certain wines. The fascinating part of the menu is that the Patio Chicago has designed a separate menu for the kids. The kids’ menu gives a choice of the main dish accompanied by a choice of soft drinks. 

Wrapping Up 

While the food at The Patio Chicago stands out to be the most common patio food, the extravagant scenic views are the main draws. The stunning Lincoln Park, the nature boardwalk, the restored ecosystem, and the impressive Chicago skyline. One glance at the skyline, and you can feel like the luckiest person to be in the most fantastic city in the world.

The visiting hours may differ on weekdays and weekends. You can check the website to confirm the dining hours before visiting the restaurant. Drop by the weekend and discover this amazing spot, a tropical haven in the middle of the metropolis.


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