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Smyth Chicago is for you if you crave high-end cuisine and rustic chic décor. Moreover, this American restaurant in Chicago offers inventive, American restaurant-tasting menus paired with exceptional wines curated by renowned sommeliers. Indulge your senses as we take you on an exciting culinary journey through this innovative gastronomic haven that has earned its place among Chicago’s finest dining destinations. 

Explore Smyth Chicago

Location- 177 N Ada St #101, Chicago

Contact- +1 773-913-3773


Smyth in Chicago is an upscale and exorbitant eatery that serves American cuisine. Despite being expensive and having a substance that feels more abundant than usual, the atmosphere is casual. The family atmosphere at Smyth’s, as evidenced by the containers topped with wildflowers, is one of its distinctive specialties. For the audience seated inside, the open kitchen’s refrigerator illustrations enhance the setting’s looks. 

The menu restaurant and bar/lounge are located on the first and second floors of Smyth + The Loyalist’s dual-concept restaurant. 

A Look Inside

Smyth Chicago Ambience

The term “Smyth” pays homage to the breadth and depth of John Shields and Karen Urie Shields’ five inspirational years spent in the rural areas of Virginia’s Smyth County. This is how they developed their knowledge, vision, and sense of self. They returned to their Chicago cooking origins with this sensibility to create thoughtful dishes from impeccable ingredients—imaginative but modest and 5-grounded dishes.

At Smyth Chicago, inspiration flows in and out of the water. These dishes are of one or two servings of meat and are in harmony with the best natural products. The produce was grown in close cooperation with small farmers. The menu concludes with several sweet dishes that expertly balance, offering something fresh while evoking memories.

The restaurant’s informal setting includes an open kitchen encircled by small tables and a lounge that feels like a comfortable living room. The venue will urge you to feel at home from arrival until you say goodbye.  

Food Review of Smyth Chicago

The $285 twelve-course seasonal menu is the influence of the chefs. Although no molecular gastronomy shenanigans are going on, the flavors are still complicated, and the component combinations taste both expected and familiar. This is evident in seemingly straightforward first dishes, consisting of a raw oyster served in a bowl with apple granita. 

Smyth Chicago Food

The most energizing slushie is created when the salty oyster liquor combines with the ice; it’s the ideal way to start dinner. A rich dish with Dungeness crab and scrambled kani miso topped with flawlessly cooked foie gras is at the other end of the range. The brains give a layer of funk that makes it interesting, while the crab meat balances out the fattiness of the foie.

The three desserts are among the finest items at Smyth Chicago. You have to try the soft yogurt meringue surrounded by candied egg yolks. The tangy meringue is airy and gently chewy, and the yolk has a faint licorice flavor. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading about Smyth Chicago, a fantastic restaurant that serves authentic American dishes in the city. So, the next time you are wondering where to find the best food in Chicago, check this spot out. 


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