Room 13 Chicago: Step Back in Time at the Old Chicago

Alright, if you’re up for a jaw-dropping adventure that’ll whisk you away to the days of secret gatherings, killer cocktails, and a whole lot of camaraderie, then you’re in for a treat at the Old Chicago Inn’s Room 13 Chicago. Trust me; this isn’t just a place to crash; it’s a legit time machine ready to teleport you back to the Prohibition era. The journey is going to be wild.

Unlock the Hidden World of Speakeasies at Room 13 Chicago

Address: 3222 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States

Phone: 773-472-2278


Room 13 Chicago Sittings

You may feel like  a modern-day explorer strolling around the Old Chicago Inn, but as you step into Room 13 Chicago, everything changes. Suddenly, you’re in the middle of a swanky speakeasy, where secrets are whispered and cocktails are crafted with stories. Chicago’s speakeasies are like a treasure map for your taste buds, leading you to hidden gems and secret spots waiting for you to discover.

Raise a Glass to Legit Cocktails and Good Times at Room 13

Now, let’s talk about drinks. Room 13 Chicago isn’t just about serving you your average run-of-the-mill beverages. Oh no, my friend, they’re taking things up a notch. Their in-house bartender isn’t mixing these drinks but making the recipes that have stood the test of time; they’re spinning tales from the past while shaking up killer cocktails that are straight out of the history books. 

Dapper Duds and Jazzy Vibes: Dress to Impress

If you want to blend in and soak up the whole experience, step up your fashion game. Ladies flaunt those classy dresses; gents, rock your snazziest suits. Room 13 Chicago isn’t your regular night out but a decadent affair that demands your A-game regarding style. The ambiance is all about cool jazz tunes, cozy dim lighting, and an atmosphere that transports you straight into the party’s heart.

Get in on the Secret Society: Join the Inner Circle

Furthermore, the deal for entry into Room 13 Chicago is like being part of a VIP secret society. But worry not, because you’ve got a chance to score an invitation by becoming a member. Once you’re in, you’re in for the time of your life, surrounded by high-class living and vibes that’ll make you want to dance the night away. 

The “Cocktail Flight” Package at Room 13 in Chicago

Chicago's Room 13 cocktails

Next in this adventure list are more twists. To elevate your experience, consider splurging on the “Cocktail Flight” package. Imagine sipping on four mind-blowing cocktails; plus, they throw in some bomb snacks to munch on while you’re at it—all for just 75 bucks for you and a tag-along.

Living the Past, Toasting to Now

Room 13 Chicago is where the past meets the present, and you’re invited to the ultimate shindig. So, let loose, forget about the present for a while, and immerse yourself in the enchanting past. Make memories, share laughter, and raise your glass to a night you won’t forget anytime soon.

Ready to Take the Leap Through Time? Room 13 Awaits

Alright, party people, it’s time to make history. The Old Chicago Inn is your passport to an era of style, swagger, and secret sips. Room 13 Chicago is like a doorway to a world where Prohibition charm rules and cocktails are more than just drinks; they’re legends in a glass. Take your time because it’s calling you on while you are around the place and serving drinks with a side of history. Catch you on the flip side, adventurers.

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