Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago

Are you a bakery lover who craves the warm aroma of fresh-baked dough and flaky pastries? Look no further than Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago. This cozy bakeshop has made its name for using Belgian artisanal methods to create delectable treats. From savory loaves to sweet danishes, their menu features something for everyone – including light fare options for those seeking healthier choices. Join us as we indulge in an exploration of what makes this bakeshop so unique.

Hendricks Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago

Location- 100 E Walton St, Chicago, IL 

Contact- +1 312649-6717



Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter in Chicago is the best bakery, as per Chicago Time Out. This authentic Belgian treat has 13 different types of croissants, artisanal bread, unique pastries, and macarons. You can also savor homemade sandwiches or salads here. An exciting part of the bakery is the open kitchen. You may also get a sample of what is being prepared. 

What makes it Special?

Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago cake

An unforgettable bread’s flavor and fragrance-this is what Chef intends to deliver at the Hendrickx. The owner and chef Renaud Hendrickx was fourteen when he experienced a piece of bread and dark chocolate every day after the school day during “recreation.” He would say he never had better bread than that.

This led to the invention of the ideal concept of hand-made bread at Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago. The formula is unique, and you cannot find it anywhere else. The chef restarted and tried the recipes many times before perfecting them to be presented to the guests. Fresh flour, water, yeast, and salt give the bread turn into an ideal taste. 

The Menu of Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago

You can start by exploring the bread section. You will see options such as Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter in Chicago, Breughel – Rye /Wheat / Oats, Michelangelo – Spelt / Rye / Flax-Sesame-Poppy-Sunflower seeds / EVOO, Belgian Brioche, Challah, and Gluten Free Bread. 

Croissant choices include Belgian, Belgian Chocolate, Almond Croissant, Almond – Chocolate, Esmeralda – Pistachio, Pistachio – Chocolate, Hazelnuts/Caramel, Apple Turnover, and Gruyère. 

A section for Gateaux Cakes is perhaps the most assorted one. The choices include:

  • Lemon Tart       
  • Apple Tart 
  • Pecans and Belgian Chocolate Tart (seasonal)
  • Pumpkin and Speculoos Tart (seasonal) 

The Mignon Collection – Choose between 4 flavors: Belgian Dark Chocolate – Pistachio – Moka – Raspberry. Choose between 3 sizes – Gros Mignon 6 pax

Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago chocolates

  • Extreme Chocolate – Chocolate génoise, Belgian dark chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate ganache covered with slabs of Belgian dark chocolate
  • Nutcracker – Hazelnut génoise, hazelnut buttercream with hazelnut pieces, feuilletine, covered with hazelnut ganache and sprayed with chunks of homemade praline.
  • Citron – Génoise biscuit, lemon zest buttercream, lemon curd, yellow royal glazing.
  • St Honoré – Puff pastry, caramelized choux, chiboust, and whipped creams
  • Paris-Brest – Choux pastry filled with praline cream and sliced almonds

Besides these specialties, you can also enjoy pastries such as Eclair, Mignon with Belgian white chocolate, Tartelettes with pecans, Mille Feuilles, and Javanais that come with almond biscuit, moka buttercream, and chocolate ganache. 

For those who wish to try the homemade classic, Belgian chocolate is a good fit for the menu of Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago. Try the seasonal masterpieces and homemade triple chocolate truffles, rochers, pralines, and chocolate bars. You can also opt for choices such as homemade rochers with hazelnuts which may be more delicious and nutritious than Ferrero. The restaurant also serves chocolate truffles where chocolate ganache sprinkled with other brut cocoa powder and covered in Belgium dark chocolate Box are given. You can also get these in special packaging for that special occasion. 


In conclusion, Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter Chicago offers a good experience.. Everything comes with the utmost care and attention to detail, from their freshly baked bread to their delectable pastries and sandwiches.


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