Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago Spotlighting Talents and Performances

Winter and Chicago are like coffee in milk. It’s a season with charm, attractions, and iced rinks. Winter indeed calls for ice adventures, and Ice Skating is at the top of the list. One such place located to do so is near Dearborn, known as Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago. So a Post Skate brunch awaits you because one of the best things about Chicago’s winter is the soul-warming and comforting food. 

Creating Timeless Moments on Ice at Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago

Address: 3843 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Phone: +1 773-478-2609


Now the thought of winter and indoor games, like board or virtual, must have crossed your mind. But what if the stakes on an outdoor activity are more in favor? The feelings of laughter and friendly rivalries that can bring people together are ice skating at Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago.

Easy Accessibility to the Venue

The Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago is convenient to visit. The park has easy access to public transportation. For those who own a vehicle, avoid parking because the venue offers ample parking, making it a hassle-free outing. 

Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago

Not just extra adventurous souls but for someone who wants to experience ice skating once, the place is available. In addition to the park’s offerings, they serve hockey players, beginners at skating, and people who want winter joy through an activity. The NHL-sized park doesn’t stop there; walking, jogging paths, and sports courts for basketball and tennis.

Winter’s Finest at Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago

Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago is a massive indoor facility. At the year-round sports center, figures like skaters and hockey players play from all city corners. Although the public skate hours are limited and require registration, if you are interested in getting more involved, look over the online schedule of Mcfetridge for group activities, lessons, leagues, and more. 

Winter's Finest at Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago

Let’s look at how much that will cost you. Tickets run at $5 per adult, but discounts may be available when you book. And Skate rentals run at $3 each. Moreover, the place is open daily, but operating hours may vary. 

Embracing The Ice Show at Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago

The highlight of Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago is the ice show filled with grace and is a showcase of talent and passion set in the backdrop of this enchanting ice rink of Chicago. The ice event includes captivating performances, Family fun, Mcfetridge open Skate, and Mcfetridge Hockey. 

Captivating Performances: The ice show features some of the most stunning performances from figure skaters from Chicago and beyond. The graceful spins and momentous jumps will leave you spellbound. 

Family Fun at Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago

Family Fun: Suppose you are a first-timer at a rink, trust me, you will not regret visiting Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago’s ice show. You can cheer for the skaters and have family time. 

Mcfetridge Open Skate: After the performance, Mcfetridge offers open skate sessions. So after getting pumped up from the show, you can indeed explore yourself on the glides. 

Mcfetridge Hockey: People passionate about hockey can witness thrilling hockey games on ice; it sometimes gets so competitive that it forces you to shiver your teeth. 

Snowing It Up

At Mcfetridge Ice Rink Chicago, the purpose is to create a holistic experience. Everything ranging from activities to ice shows, is supervised. Also, skating guides are always available at your service. The place is power packed for Beginners, Intermediates, and pros for skating services. For one on one attention, special private lessons are also available. So be their guest and add some extra sparkle to your ice skating experience in Chicago

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