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Longman & Eagle Chicago is one of the most iconic spots in Chicago, and it has become a go-to spot for brunch, cocktails, and more. Furthermore, you will find some of the most famous cocktails, like Bloody Marry, at this Chicago eatery. So, enjoy the delicate flavors. 

All About Longman & Eagle Chicago

Location – 2657 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago

Contact- +1 773-276-7110


Longman & Eagle is where you can get modern farm-to-table fare, nose-to-tail eats, craft cocktails, and a wide selection of whiskeys. This unique restaurant and lodging destination features free Wi-Fi, a fully air-conditioned, smoke-free area, and a dedicated parking space. 

A Look Inside

The inn, which provides options for eating, drinking, and sleeping, is the most important and historical origin of drinking in Chicago. The city’s early social life was around locations like The Eagle, The Green Tree, and The Sauganash, which have a colorful and varied history. This is the concept that Longman & Eagle Chicago focuses on. 

Longman & Eagle Chicago Ambience

By taking a step back and reinventing this traditional idea through a modern lens, Longman & Eagle offers urban “travelers” a haven that satisfies a multitude of senses, whether they be aesthetic, consumptive, culinary, or restorative, in a way that is approachable, thoughtful, and imaginative. This is the kind of restaurant where a man might order a shot with breakfast. A place where local officials might exchange votes for whiskey and which captures the remarkable diversity of the city. 

Ambiance of Longman & Eagle Chicago 

A more extensive “public” area on the first floor is at the front of the building and it has a spectacular bar and back bar. There are several seating options for both drinkers and diners. The backroom “snug” is a little more formal section that provides customers with a less boisterous dining experience. Additionally, this area hosts private parties, art openings, and other special events during events. The Off-Site Bar, sometimes known as “The OSB,” is a small walk-up bar at the back of the building.

Six guest rooms are located on the second level, which is in keeping with Chicago’s rich heritage of inn culture and serves as a complement to the restaurant and bar below. Each room has been uniquely created and equipped with an aesthetic that honors both past and present history. Longman & Eagle Chicago offers comfort, design awareness, and subdued luxury as we do. The bar and restaurant’s focus on quality, originality, and detail is also evident in the rooms.

Bars, inns, pubs, and saloons were the main community hubs of their age in 19th-century Chicago. By offering drink, food, and accommodation, these establishments gave customers and travelers a feeling of a place that was accessible, alluring, and appealing to people of all classes, both affluent and poor, by focusing on the fundamentals of a city that has long been regarded as one fine place to live in, Longman & Eagle ll. /makes an effort to rekindle that same energy.

The Food Rundown

Longman & Eagle is one of Chicago’s original upmarket gastropubs. Initially, you might anticipate lengthy waits and inconsistent service, but also an excellent food that made going there worth the trouble. All of this is still true to this day. 

Explore Longman & Eagle Chicago food

Longman’s menu appears to be composed mainly of specialties with bone marrow and pig jowls, to name a few. While there is a lack of cohesiveness in the dishes, many guests love the idea of mix-and-match recipes. 

There is a Cornish hen pot pie with a crust that has the consistency of stale tortillas. The lamb neck tagliatelle has many components and never falls short on several fronts. Furthermore, the noodles are good, the lamb flavor is irresistible, and it is topped with burrata that adds a pinch of interest to the dish.

In addition, the soft pretzel is dense and fresh, and it comes with mustard beer butter, an upgraded cheese sauce version of this meal. The bone marrow is served on diner-style toast that is simply too delicious to resist. Most of the food is decent. Don’t forget to try out their burgers; they pack a punch. 

Drinks at Longman & Eagle Chicago 

Another popular attraction at Longman & Eagle Chicago is its signature Bloody Mary cocktail. Furthermore, the restaurant’s take on this classic brunch beverage features a house-made mix and a variety of garnishes, including bacon, pickles, and a hard-boiled egg.


We hope you enjoyed reading our review of the Longman & Eagle Chicago. This can be an ideal hangout place if you consider eating in a relaxed environment while getting the hints of Chicago’s gastropubs. Its unique blend of local flavor and culinary creativity makes it a standout in the Chicago dining scene.


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