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Landmark Century Centre Cinema Chicago is a popular movie theatre with unique architecture and features a blend of Art Deco and modern design elements. Moreover, the building is a historical landmark since 1931 as the Central Park Theater.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable night at the movies in Chicago, look no further than Landmark Century Centre Cinema in Chicago! Here’s a review of all the features this iconic movie theater has to offer. 

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Location- 2828 N Clark St, Chicago, IL

Contact- +1 773-248-7759


Landmark is a leading theatre chain in Chicago. The company continually offers its patrons various enjoyable film offerings in a chic, adult-oriented setting. Moreover, most of their theatres display a wide range of movies, from independent and foreign films to well-known Hollywood productions. Landmark Theatres strives to be the most prominent theatre organization in the country that exclusively screens and promotes indie movies. 

Landmark Century Centre Cinema in Chicago has expanded to 35 theaters with 178 screens in 24 markets since its start in 1974. Both its award-winning old theaters, such as the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles and Landmark, are well-known. The Landmark at Merrick Park in Miami and The Landmark Theatre Greenwood Village in Denver’s Tech Center are two of its more modern theaters, along with The Del Mar in Santa Cruz and the Mayan Theatre in Denver.

History of Landmark Century Centre Cinema Chicago

History of Landmark Century Centre Cinema Chicago

Interestingly, the Landmark Theatre Corporation started as the Parallax Theaters in 1974. Furthermore, Kim Jorgensen did the inauguration with the screening of the Nuart in Los Angeles. The Sherman in Sherman Oaks, Ken in San Deigo, and Rialto in South Pasadena were the first features on the screen of this iconic theatre chain. In 1975, Steve Gilula partnered with Gary Meyer to expand the development and marketing of the Landmark Theatres. 

Further, in 1976, the year-old River Oaks Theatre and Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee merged into the Landmark Chain. 

The Oriental was the only standard cinema palace ever constructed with East Indian décor when it first debuted in July 1927. In 1979, Seattle’s Harvard Exit Theatre was purchased. The film lineup at Landmark Theaters alternated every day between repertory and revival double features. By the end of that decade, Landmark had become the country’s largest repertory/revival movie-theatre circuit, thanks to a mix that included smaller independent and foreign films. 

Landmark Century Centre Cinema is known for its unique architecture, which blends Art Deco and modern design elements. The building is a historical landmark, constructed in 1931 as the Central Park Theater’s cinemas were reoriented in the early 1980s. The move relates to screening first-run international, speciality, and re-released classic films on lengthier, open-ended runs. While maintaining the external architecture, larger single screens were transformed into two- or three-screen theaters. 

Features and Amenities

landmark century centre cinema ambience

Landmark is a leader in independent exhibitions thanks to its wide selection of avant-garde movies. Moreover, the Landmark Century Centre Cinema offers moviegoers a wide range of amenities. Some of the important ones include digital projection, a selection of gourmet concessions sourced locally, plush seats, and Landmark’s renowned level of customer service. The theaters provide cutting-edge screening lounges with inviting, special seating arrangements, including couches and love seats. Landmark Theatres introduced new EcoSelect popcorn bags at all of its theatres nationwide on April 22, 2010, in observance of Earth Day. This promotion is still in place today.

2018 saw the addition of Landmark Theatres to the Cohen Media Group. The Cohen Media Group (CMG) is an independent theatrical exhibition, distribution, and production company. It has to its name, over eight Academy Award nominations, along with a Best Foreign Language film win for The Salesman. The Group was founded in 2008 by Charles S. Cohen, an executive producer of the Academy Award-nominated Frozen River. The world’s top modern and historical films are released through CMG.

Wrapping Up

Ask yourself again, have you ever been curious about the venue more than the movie itself? If not, then Landmark Century Centre Cinema in Chicago will surely give you some excitement. We hope this blog was of use to you in planning your new movie night outing. 


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