Amaru Chicago: Explore the Delectable Menu

Amaru Chicago Is An Oasis In the City. It is one of the finest dining experiences in Chicago and one of the unique restaurants you can visit. 

While it is a new restaurant in Chicago, it has quickly made a name for itself. It specializes in Peruvian cuisine, and its menu features traditional and modern dishes. If you’re looking for a new dining experience, Amaru is definitely worth checking out. Here’s a restaurant review, including what to expect from the food and atmosphere.

Location and Atmosphere

The Amaru Chicago restaurant is located in the heart of the city’s downtown area. The restaurant’s atmosphere is casual and relaxed, focusing on providing a comfortable dining experience for guests. 

The restaurant’s decor is modern and stylish, emphasizing natural materials and muted colors. The menu at the Amaru Chicago restaurant features a variety of traditional Peruvian dishes and a selection of international cuisine. The food at the Amaru Chicago restaurant is fresh and flavorful, focusing on using locally sourced ingredients.

Address:1904 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 

Phone no: 773.687.9790 

Timings: Monday – Thursday:5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Friday – Saturday: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sunday: 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm


The Food

amaru chicago food

The menu at Amaru Chicago is an eclectic mix of Colombian, Peruvian, and Mexican dishes. The restaurant’s focus is on the freshest ingredients to create dishes that are both healthy and delicious. 

There are plenty of meat options to please any palate, and the number of vegetarian options ensures that everyone can find something they love. From cheese-filled empanadas to hearty bowls of soup, there is something for every appetite at Amaru Chicago. 

And honestly, it’s some of the best Peruvian cuisines you’ll ever have.

The Beverages

Amaru Chicago has a long list of beverages to complement its mouth-watering menu. From classic mojitos, beer and wine to spiced rum, they have an extensive list of beverages to choose from. And you can always ask their friendly and professional staff for recommendations on which beverage goes best with what you are ordering.

The Service

amaru chicago

Amaru Chicago is a restaurant that serves modern Peruvian cuisine. The service is professional and efficient, and the waitstaff is knowledgeable about the menu and the wine list. 

The dining room is elegant and comfortable, with a view of the kitchen. The food is creative and flavorful, with something for everyone. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous. 

Overall, you can expect a great experience at Amaru Chicago, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new dining experience.

Happy Hour

Just like any other restaurant, Amaru Chicago also has a Happy Hour that you must take advantage of. Visit the restaurant between 5 pm-6 pm from Monday – Thursday and between 4 pm – 5 pm on Sunday to enjoy the happy hour and taste their delicious food at lesser prices.

The Prices

Amaru’s menu features contemporary Peruvian cuisine focusing on fresh, sustainable ingredients. The prices reflect the high quality of the food and drink offerings, with most entrees falling in the $20-$30 range. Even though it’s not the cheapest option in town, Amaru is definitely worth the splurge for a special night out.


Overall, Amaru Chicago is a great restaurant that offers delicious Peruvian cuisine. The portions are large and reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is pleasant and inviting. Amaru Chicago is worth checking out if you’re in the mood for some good Peruvian food.



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