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Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago is a movie theater and cultural center in honor of the late film critic Gene Siskel. Furthermore, the theater is famous for its diverse and innovative variety of films from around the world. The theater showcases a wide variety of films from around the world, ranging from mainstream releases to classic and art house films, documentaries, and shorts.

All About Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago

Location – 164 N State St, Chicago

Contact- +1 312-846-2085


Cinema lovers, brace yourselves; you are in for some helpful info about one of the iconic movie theaters in Chicago.

Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago is the city’s top art house theater, bringing together moviegoers for an unforgettable experience. Not just that, you can expect a warm environment that reflects Chicago’s diverse community. Further, the School of the Art Institute’s Film Center promotes a discourse that places movies in their historical and cultural contexts through panels, seminars, and conversations with filmmakers.

History of Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago

History of Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago

The School of the Art Institute in Chicago led the foundation of The Film Center in 1972 under that name. In June 2001, it relocated to its current address, 164 N State St., in Chicago’s Loop area. In addition, the present location of Gene Siskel is south of the ABC Building. Also, it is across the street from the Chicago Theatre As of now, the venue has two theaters, both of which are state-of-the-art buildings.

Hearing loops are available in both of the theaters at Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. Moreover, you can request a headset and transmitter from the box office or set your hearing aid to the T-Coil program. Furthermore, the theaters are accessible to patrons who need wheelchairs or other mobility aids, as well as their partners. Each auditorium has allocated areas with unhindered sightlines for wheelchairs or other mobility equipment. Five spots are available in Theater 1, and four spaces are available in Theater 2. There are reserved seats for up to four companions next to each wheelchair-accessible location, if necessary. Companions will be seated as near to the accessible position as practicable if contiguous seats are not available.

About Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago

Gene Siskel could see the quality in everything with a laser-like focus. Further, he constantly sought out the best, expected it, and valued it. That is what drove him to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Film Center. Gene discovered a better venue for the best movies in the world there.

In addition, Gene Siskel, one of the most well-known film reviewers in the world, was a fervent advocate of the Film Center’s goals and authored hundreds of articles praising the organization’s unusual programming. He did this by using his influence to call for public financing and audience support.

Association with the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago

Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago events

The Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago is the official public program initiative of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Some of the world’s most influential artists, designers, and academics in the world went to SAIC. In operation for 150 years, the Chicago-based SAIC offers an interdisciplinary approach to art and design and top-notch resources, such as the Art Institute of Chicago museum, on-campus galleries, and cutting-edge facilities. 


Overall, the Gene Siskel Film Center’s special features and offerings make it a valuable and unique institution in the Chicago film scene. Its diverse and innovative programming, commitment to film education and community engagement, and annual film festival all contribute to its status as a beloved cultural landmark in the city.


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