Found Training Center Chicago: Train Your Dog to Perfection

Found Training Center is the best dog training facility in Chicago, established in 2009. It focuses on fostering learning and growth in dogs of all ages and kinds. Their team of professional dog trainers is dedicated to helping each dog overcome its unique requirements and worries in order to become a joyful, well-adjusted companion.

The Found Training Center provides a range of programs, such as:

  • Board+Train Camp: This program is ideal for new adopters and dog owners who wish to invest in their pups’ training. The software is intended to assist dog owners in training and socializing their canines.
  • Pup Start: This methodical strategy for raising robust, self-assured, and friendly animals is best suited for pups between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks.
  • Dogs of different types and sizes can stay at the Found Training Center’s boarding and childcare facilities. Their 24,000-square-foot training facility has a number of facilities to keep your dog happy and amused.

Whatever assistance your dog requires, the Found Training Center can provide it. You and your animal buddy can accomplish your goals with the assistance of their staff of skilled and sympathetic trainers.

All About Found Training Center Chicago

Address: 4108 N Rockwell St, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Phone: +1 773-539-3880


Brittney has always been a dog lover. She used to walk the dogs in her neighborhood as a child. Later, she was hired by a pet store to work as a kennel assistant. She also volunteered at shelters and a group that trains assistance dogs, in addition to working as a dog handler at a dog daycare. This resulted in an internship at a therapeutic horseback riding facility, which furthered her understanding of the relationship between people and animals. 

a dog in various poses

Brittney discovered her calling to help with rescued dogs at Found Chicago after obtaining her CPDT-KA certification. She liked assisting these canines in gaining new abilities and locating devoted homes. Brittney takes delight in assisting her clients in forging enduring bonds with their pets via training. She knows that a well-trained dog is a happy dog, and she wants every dog to have a good life. In her free time, Brittney loves spending time with her dogs. They go on walks, play fetch, and cuddle up on the couch together.

Drop-in Daycare

You may drop off your furry companion at Found Chicago’s West Town facility, located at 506 N. Hermitage Ave., for some canine playtime. From Monday through Friday, starting bright and early at 7 a.m. and keeping the tails wagging until 7 p.m., they are open and ready to pamper your dogs. On the weekends, they’ve got you covered from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They take dog care seriously at Found Chicago. 

day care services at Found Chicago

Their experienced and CPR-certified crew guarantees that your four-legged friends are safe at all times. There are three playgroups catered to your dog’s energy level and temperament, and dogs that attend often form enduring connections. This means your doggie gets to socialize with their pals and see familiar faces each week, making daycare a joyful and secure home away from home. So, if you’re looking for a clean, fun, and safe place for your pup, head over to Found Chicago’s West Town spot. 

Boarding at Chicago’s Found Training Center

For Found Chicago’s canine mates, boarding is comparable to an exclusive party in the world of furry friends. As a result, every dog in this place is already best friends! Newcomers who wish to participate in the fun must go through an initiation process. Before they can make waves in the boarding scene, kids must attend childcare for at least 10 days. Folks, here’s the deal: boarding places sell out like hotcakes at a brunch restaurant, and they do it quickly. 

Therefore, you must prepare ahead to ensure that your dog gets a place. To arrange that boarding like a pro, just go over to your Gingr profile. Keep in mind that the stay won’t be considered official until the boarding charge is paid. So, get those bones in and pay up before the adventure begins! At Found Chicago, it’s all about fun, furry friendships, and keeping things simple. 

Grooming at Found Training Center

Book a great Bath, Brush, and Blow-dry appointment for your beloved buddy if you want them to return from daycare looking fluffy and spotless! The average length of these relaxing soaking sessions is 60 minutes. Consider the following scenario: your dog is enjoying themselves at daycare, but perhaps they have played rough or rolled about in some dirt. Not to worry! Your dog will have an experience similar to a spa when you reserve this unique gift. 

dog grooming at Found Chicago

They’ll have a relaxing bath to remove all the gunk, then get a soft brush to keep their fur neat. They’ll also receive a blow-dry to make them extra fluffy and comfortable. Your dog will come home looking and feeling like a million bucks, and you’ll both be super happy. So, don’t wait, book that Bath, Brush, and Blow-dry today for a doggone good time!


Found Chicago is more than simply a daycare facility for dogs; it’s a place where your pet can grow, meet new people, and return home feeling cherished and rejuvenated. Found Chicago stands out as a dependable and caring option for your canine friend’s wellbeing, with committed proprietors Emily and Saul Ayala guiding the way, a warm trial day for every dog, and a dedication to safety and pleasure. Give your dog the experience they deserve by enrolling them in daycare, boarding, or a spa-like bathing treatment.

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