Exelon Chicago: Top Energy Provider In Chicago

Exelon Chicago is a utility company that provides electric services to the public. Moreover, it is an American energy company with a central office in Chicago. However, the company was initially founded in Pennsylvania and is now one of the most valuable Fortune 500 companies in Chicago. With almost 10 million users, Exelon in Chicago is the largest power company in the US. So, let’s explore more about it in this article.

The Exelon Chicago 

Address: 10 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 

Phone: +1 800-483-3220


Exelon in Chicago was founded in 2000 by the amalgamation of PECO energy company and Chicago’s Unicom Corporation. Furthermore, the company has six regulated utilities: Pepco, PECO Energy Company, Atlantic City Electric, Baltimore Gas and Electric, Delmarva Power and Light, and Commonwealth Edison. The company is ranked 99 in Fortune 500. 


Initially, Unicom became the principal office of the newly created utility in 2000, led by John Rowe. After the successful beginning of the company, it became necessary to collaborate with others to expand the business. However, in 2006, the contract with Public Service Enterprise Group ended due to pressure from some public interest groups. 

Exelon Chicago then found some new collaborators. In 2012, Exelon bought Constellation Energy, owning 34 gigawatts of energy. Furthermore, in 2014 Exelon acquired Pepco Holdings. However, the merger between Exelon and Pepco Holdings was approved in 2016. This confirmation made Exelon the largest utility organization in the US. 

exelon Chicago building

Presently, Exelon in Chicago has complete control of 23 nuclear reactors in almost 14 nuclear plants. Furthermore, the business has expanded to 48 states making Elexon Chicago the most significant power generator in the United States. 

Companies of Exelon Chicago

Here are the companies under Exelon:


PECO is one of Exelon Chicago’s utilities, formally known as Philadelphia Electric Company, incorporated in 1929. It operates in southeastern Pennsylvania and provides electricity to 1.6 million people. PECO also provides natural gas to its customers. The company owns 1067 miles of high-voltage transmission lines. Furthermore, it covers 15,260 square miles of underground electricity distribution wires and 12,157 miles of natural gas service pipelines. 


Another company owned by Exelon in Chicago is Pepco. Potomac Electric Power Company provides electricity to Washington, DC, and nearby places in Maryland. Its transmission system has lines operating at 115 kV, 230 kV, 138 kV, and 500 kV. Pepco is also connected with Baltimore Gas and Electric, Potomac Edison, and Dominion Virginia Power. 

Baltimore Gas and Electric

The third company owned by Exelon in Chicago is Baltimore Gas and Electric. BGE had created a company called Constellation, also owned by Exelon. BGE provides electricity to over 1.2 million people and natural gas to over 650,000 people. Furthermore, the company employs more than 3,100 people, making it the largest employer in Baltimore. 

Atlantic City Electric

The fourth company of Exelon Chicago is called Atlantic City Electric. This company is in New Jersey with almost over 545,000 customers. In addition to this, the fifth company is Commonwealth Edison, commonly known as ComEd. ComEd has been the only electricity provider in Chicago and much of Northern Illinois for over 100 years to more than 3.8 people. 

Delmarva Power

Last but not least is Delmarva Power, the sixth company owned by Exelon Chicago. It provides electricity in the Delmarva Peninsula with 5,000 square miles of the service area. With approximately 1000 employees and 10 operating facilities, and 160 substations, Delmarva Power provides electricity to 315,000 people in Delaware and 205,000 in Maryland. 

Exelon Chicago: A Look Inside

exelon Chicago meeting room

Exelon distributes electricity to almost 5.4 million people and natural gas to almost 500,000 people. The electricity distribution process has enabled Exelon to generate an annual revenue of almost $18 billion. One of the six utilities, the Constellation Energy Generation, provides natural gas, energy-related products, and renewable energy. 


Exelon Chicago is a Fortune 500 company that has significantly impacted the energy industry, not just in Chicago but throughout the US. Through its various subsidiaries, the company provides reliable and affordable energy to millions. Additionally, Exelon’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has made it a leading employer in Chicago, providing thousands of jobs to individuals from various backgrounds. As the energy industry evolves, Exelon will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping its future.


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