Most Valuable Fortune 500 Companies in Chicago

Fortune 500 Companies in Chicago are a great fit for the city’s business lifestyle and culture. The magnificent city is home to about 400 key corporate headquarters, with some of the major corporations operating at the heart of Chi-Town. 

In this article, we will explore some of Chicago’s most influential and amazing fortune 500 companies.

Fortune 500 Companies in Chicago

Let’s have a look at these top 5 fortune 500 companies in Chicago that provide a lot of business opportunities to people in the city and are worth exploring. 


Archer Daniels Midland 

Archer Daniels Midland Fortune 500 companies in Chicago

The Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, or ADM, is an American global food processing and commodities trading firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1902 and has over 270 factories and 420 crop procurement facilities across the world .

Furthermore, this Chicago’s fortune 500 company processes cereal grains and oilseeds into products. Significantly, these products are utilised in the food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial, and animal feed industries. Altogether, ADM is placed No. 38 on the 2020 Fortune 500 list of the biggest corporations in the United States.

Rank: 38

Industry: Food Production

Location: Chicago

Revenue: 85.249 Billion USD

Headquarters: 77 West Wacker Drive Chicago (U.S.) 



Boeing – Among Fortune 500 Companies in Chicago

Boing Fortune 500 companies in Chicago

The Boeing Company is a fortune 500 company in Chicago and is an American multinational firm. Significantly, it designs, manufactures, and sells planes, helicopters, rockets, satellites, telecommunications equipment, and missiles all over the world. Furthermore, the firm also offers leasing and product assistance. 

Boeing is one of the world’s major aerospace manufacturers. Additionally, it is also world’s third-largest defense contractor. 

The Boeing Company’s corporate headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. Significantly, Boeing is divided into four major divisions: Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA), Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS), Boeing Global Services (BGS), and Boeing Capital.

Summing up, Boeing has improved its Fortune 500 ranking from 121th position in 2021 to 60th position in 2022. 

Rank: 60

Industry: Aerospace and Defense

Location: Chicago

Revenue: 62.29 Billion USD

Headquarters: Boeing Building, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.





Exelon Corporation is an American energy corporation based in Chicago, Illinois and incorporated in Pennsylvania. It is among top  fortune 500 companies in Chicago and generates roughly $33.5 Billion in revenue. And additionally employs approximately 33,400 people. 

Furthermore, it is the largest regulated electric utility with approximately 10 million customers in the US. Besides, it was formerly the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the States. 

Exelon was formed in October 2000 by the combination of Philadelphia’s PECO Energy Company with Chicago’s Unicom Corp, which controlled Commonwealth Edison. This fortune 500 company is chiefly regulated utility company with operations in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and other major cities. 

Additionally, Exelon has full or majority control of 23 nuclear reactors at 14 nuclear power facilities. Significantly, it operates and has business in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada, and was once the largest competitive U.S. power generator.

Rank: 99

Industry: Utilities: Gas and Electric

Location: Chicago

Revenue: 36.347 Billion USD

Headquarters: Chase Tower Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 


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Mondelez International – Among Top Fortune 500 Companies in Chicago

Mondelez International 

Chicago’s fortune 500 company, Mondelez International, Inc. also known as the Mondelz, is a Chicago-based American multinational candy, food, holding, beverage, and snack food corporation. Further, it generates around $26 billion in yearly revenue and operates in nearly 160 countries. 

Additionally, Mondelez International rated 108th on the 2021 Fortune 500 list of the top firms in the United States by total revenue. 

Interestingly, this fortune 500 company in Chicago also manufactures Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars, Dove chocolate bars, Trident gum, and many other famous brands.

Rank: 121

Industry: Food Consumer Products

Location: Chicago

Revenue: 28.72 Billion USD

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 


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United Airlines Holdings 

United Airlines Holdings  Fortune 500 companies in Chicago

United Airlines Holdings, Inc. is a publicly listed airline holding corporation located in Chicago’s Willis Tower. It is another fortune 500 company in Chicago and is owned and operated by UAH.

In May 2010, when United and Continental Airlines struck an agreement for United to buy Continental, the UAL Corporation decided to change the name to United Continental Holdings. Continental shareholders got 1.05 shares of UAL stock for each Continental share in order to complete the transaction. Moreover at the time of closure, it was believed that United shareholders held 55% of the amalgamated corporation and Continental shareholders owned 45%.

Additionally, several more subsidiaries are owned by this fortune 500 company in Chicago or its sister airlines. Once fully integrated, United became the world’s largest airline in terms of revenue passenger miles. 

UAH has significant hubs in Chicago:

  • O’Hare
  • Denver
  • Guam
  • Houston-Intercontinental
  • Los Angeles
  • Newark (New Jersey)
  • San Francisco
  • Washington-Dulles International Airports

Furthermore, UAH’s United is the largest US airline to the People’s Republic of China, with a major presence across Asia.

Rank: 146

Industry: Airlines

Location: Chicago

Revenue: 43.259 Billion USD

Headquarters: Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 


Final Words

Chicago is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the United States, and it’s no wonder that so many Fortune 500 companies have chosen to set up shop here. Evidently, Chicago is becoming a burgeoning innovation centre, with large corporations and startups embracing the future of technology. We hope you enjoyed reading about these fortune 500 companies in Chicago.

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