Seafood City Chicago – The Ultimate Supermarket

Seafood City Chicago is more than a Filipino supermarket, and you will nearly find all that you’re looking for here. So, if you have prepared a detailed to-do grocery list and want to check all the items on it, read all about this superstore in this article. 

Furthermore, the shop and food court attach a shopping center that includes some of the Philippines’ most well-known product line pastries and restaurants. So, let’s have a look inside! 

Seafood City Chicago

Address: 5033 N Elston Ave, Chicago

Phone: +1 773-295-1658


Since the mega-market mall launched in 2016 on an erstwhile Kmart site on Chicago’s Northwest Side, a lot has occurred. The Pomona, California-based supermarket chain recently introduced shopping online and on the app, accompanied with curbside delivery and pickup. It was the first international grocery store in the area to provide the service.

With a remarkable stockpile of not only Filipino items but also Asian and American products, the app of Seafood City Chicago was generated in such a short period. 


The first Seafood City Chicago Supermarket opened in 1989 in National City, San Diego, California, offering quality and genuine Filipino specialties at affordable prices. For the first time, there was a supermarket where Filipino Americans could go to get exactly what they wanted while also linking, reconnecting, bonding, and praising ‘true Filipino goodness.

Thousands of eager customers waited in line to buy at the new store, compelling local officials and news outlets to visit Seafood City Chicago to see what all the fuss was about.

All About Seafood City Chicago

Seafood City Chicago Supermarket plays a crucial role in Filipino food ingredients and a wide variety of imported Asian goods and American staples. Seafood City, as the title suggests, sells fresh seafood and meat. In some locations, it serves as a marketplace and an anchor to Filipino enterprises, including Chowking, Tokyo, and Red Ribbon. 

Seafood City chicago

Online Delivery

The minimum order for curbside pickup is $35 online or on the app, plus a service fee. The delivery region is 15 miles from the shop. Third-party drivers from DoorDash or Postmates ship the goods. A template minimum purchase resulted in a foundation delivery fee of $6 near the grocery store and up to $27.74 for a shipment 15 miles away.

Currently, the Seafood City  Chicago center has eight dining options;

  • Crepe House Café
  • Crispy Town
  • Grill City
  • Jollibee
  • Max’s
  • Red Ribbon Bakeshop
  • Seafood City Supermarket  Restaurant
  • Valerio’s Tropical Bakeshop

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What’s More?

Chicago’s Seafood City is a crowd-favorite, and since they have a variety of options available, there is no doubt it won’t have all things available. The hallways are coated with stir-fried noodles and Spam, the generate segment is equipped with purple yams and santol fruit, and all three in-store fast-food outlets are always crowded. Go in yourself if you can. If you can’t, the diverse menu at this one-of-a-kind Filipino food mansion can give you an edible getaway to the tropical island nation. 

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Here are some categories that you can find at Seafood City Chicago:

  • Groceries
  • Meat
  • Bakers Avenue
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Health and Beauty Section
  • Grill City
  • Fresh Produce

Wrapping Up

Seafood City Chicago is a must-visit if you’re in the area. This place has everything – from fresh seafood to delicious fish and chips; there’s something for everyone. If you love seafood and don’t want to leave your house, just order in. Plus, their prices are very reasonable, making it easy on your wallet. 

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