AL’s Beef Chicago: Explore The Classic Italian Beef

If you’re a meat lover with a craving for a classic Italian Beef sandwich, then look no further than Al’s Beef in Chicago. It’s often hailed as one of the absolute best spots in town to indulge in this mouthwatering delight. Picture this: succulent, flavorful meat that packs a bold punch of taste from your very first bite to the very last. But here’s the kicker – that “au jus” factor. It’s the secret sauce, if you will, that elevates the entire Italian Beef experience. 

Imagine biting into that juicy, savory delicacy and having the tastes melt together in a delicious symphony with each chew. It’s more than simply a sandwich; it’s a culinary masterpiece. So, if you find yourself wandering the legendary streets of the Windy City and you’re craving the most exciting, mouthwatering Italian beef sandwich, then Al’s is the place to be. 

History of Al’s Beef Chicago

Address: 1079 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Contact: +1 312-226-4017


For over 75 years, Al’s Beef has been delighting Chicagoans with its mouthwatering Italian beef sandwiches. Even more intriguing is their fabled secret menu, which has gained notoriety on par with their hallmark meals. In the Windy City, Al’s has genuinely become a beloved tradition. Many of the delicious secret menu items were actually dreamed up by loyal customers and the creative staff.

One standout from the hidden treasures is the Italian Soaker. Picture this: French bread dipped in rich, savory gravy and then crowned with peppers and gooey cheese. And then there’s Al’s Poor Boy, a baguette stuffed to the brim with crispy fries, all bathed in luscious gravy. And let’s not forget about the Gypsy Fries – they’re a glorious heap of crispy fries smothered in Italian meat, more of that irresistible gravy, and a generous blanket of cheese. At a private tasting event, I had the opportunity to indulge in these secret gems, and they did not disappoint. Just remember to ask for them by name because these treasures aren’t listed on the regular menu.

Italian Soacker at Chicago’s AL’s Beef

Imagine sinking your teeth into the Italian Soaker – the best sandwich in Chicago, made for chilly days. In this delicacy, soft hoagie bread is covered in flavorful sauce with a variety of ingredients, including gooey mozzarella, zingy peppers, and savory onions. However, who stole the show? That delectable gravy. It is made from a symphony of ingredients, including tomatoes, beef stock, and a variety of herbs and spices, and it has delicious flavors that blend with the other ingredients.

Italian Soacker at AL's Beef

Regrettably, this isn’t one for the vegetarians among us, given the meaty goodness within that gravy. However, for those on a quest to trim their red meat intake, worry not – the lean beef in the gravy still delivers a healthy, soul-satisfying meal. Brace yourself, though; this sandwich can get a tad messy. So, if you’re hankering for a unique, soul-warming sandwich to ward off the cold, give the Italian Soaker a whirl – you won’t be disappointed.

Al’s Poor Boy

It is made from a symphony of ingredients, including tomatoes, beef stock, and a variety of herbs, spices, and other ingredients. Instead of the usual roast beef, fried shrimp, or crawfish, this sandwich is a carb-lovers dream. Picture this: a baguette that’s soft and fluffy on the inside but has a crispy, golden crust outside. They load that baguette up with perfectly crispy, salt-kissed french fries and then generously smother it all in rich, flavorful beef gravy. 

Al's poor boy

To make things even more indulgent, they crown it with shredded cheddar cheese, adding a gooey, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. But let’s be real, this sandwich is a messy affair, no doubt about it. Yet, the flavor explosion you get from the crispy, salty fries, the savory gravy, and that cheesy goodness is absolutely worth every napkin you’ll use. Plus, it’s a belly-filling experience – you won’t be hungry afterwards, that’s for sure.

Gipsy Fries at AL’s Beef Chicago

If you ever visit Chicago, Make sure you have the pleasure of indulging in Gypsy Fries at Al’s Beef. These fries are highly popular in the Gypsy community and frequently compared to poutine made in Chicago. You’ll definitely love the explosion of flavor.

Gipsy fries at Al's beef

Each bite of the freshly fried fries had a satisfying crunch. The flavorful Italian beef will make your taste senses into a frenzy. The gravy? Oh, it was a rich, velvety dream that coats every bite. The giardiniera, a special Chicago touch, adds a tangy kick that perfectly complements the dish. And let’s not forget the cheese sauce, creamy and downright tasty. Taste it once, and you’ll understand why Gypsy Fries are so beloved.

Final Thought:

Al’s Beef is a beloved Chicago gem, dishing out mouthwatering Italian beef sandwiches for a whopping 75 years! But here’s the real insider scoop – they’ve got a hush-hush menu filled with savory surprises like the Italian Soaker, Al’s Poor Boy, and those irresistible Gypsy Fries. When you find yourself in the Windy City, make a beeline for Al’s Beef, savor one of their signature sandwiches, and prepare for culinary bliss!

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