Museum of Ice Cream Chicago For A Wholesome Experience

Museum of ice cream Chicago sounds like a wonderland, doesn’t it? We all have dreamed about the world of ice cream in our dreams. Moreover, now you can experience the imaginary ice cream world in reality at the museum.

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the delectable world of ice creams through this spot! 

Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

Address: 435 Michigan Ave Suite G

Phone: (855) 258-0719


Ambiance At The Museum Of Ice Cream Chicago

The museum of ice cream brings to life the universal power of the top-notch taste of ice cream by building an experience that inspires imagination and helps you to relive your childhood. Furthermore, the inclusive environment within the museum is designed to encourage human connection and energize the sense to reshape our vision and boost our love for ice creams.

The Amazing World of Museum Of Ice Cream Chicago 

In short, it is Chicago’s giant playground integrated with unlimited ice cream. Furthermore, this place is the Chicago’s first ice cream museum in the world where you can learn about ice cream by riding on the pink Sprink-L line and putting your gold skills to the test. You can experience a dip in the pool filled with millions of sprinkles.

The Amazing World of Museum Of Ice Cream Chicago 

In this 13,544 square-food space in Chicago, you can experience 14 installations, including a ball pit-style pool filled with antimicrobial plastic sprinkles, a signature attraction at every MOIC. In addition, it was opened in 2016 and has become a cultural phenomenon, attracting celebrities and inspiring a wave of imitations where visitors could take Instagram-ready selfies. 

What To Expect at the Museum

Just after entering the Museum of Ice cream in Chicago, you will see that all the treats inside the museum are unlimited. The space looks like an ice-creamed-themed train station to board a train with windows that make it look like you are journeying through an imaginary ice cream world.

After the train car, you can sit and enjoy cocktail and ice cream bar treats. 

After this, you will have three choices for where to start:

  • Visit Ice Cream Lab
  • Visit the carnival game room
  • Take a U-turn to the right to reach Sprinkle Pool

The Sprinkle Pool at Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

In this pool, the sprinkles are made using a lightweight plastic material, similar to what you would expect from a ball pit ball. Furthermore, the kids can jump off the diving board platforms and slide down the slide. Additionally, you should take off your shoes but refrain from saying anything about wearing socks at Chicago’s museum of ice cream.

Other Exhibits

If you take the entrance to the left of the ice cream and cocktail bar, you will end up in a room themed with a carnival theme with a cotton candy stand. Also, the museum of ice cream Chicago offers a carousal-style ride-on, a basketball hoop, an ice cream whack-a-mole, and a water shooter race.

Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

Here, brave souls can try an ice cream hot dog made of hot dog-flavored soft serve in a pink burn and topped with spicy mustard and cornichon pickle. After this room, you will find some fun facts on the history of ice cream, with a display of flavors. Then, a cloud-themed room with balloons offers a welcome spot to sit at the museum of ice cream in Chicago.

Giant Video Game

Other exhibits include a giant video game, jelly bean-themed rooms with hands-on wall toys, and scoop art by the Chicago-based fiber artists Brendan O’Shaughnessy. Furthermore, you can relive your old video gaming days with your kids. Also, the ice cream lab invites visitors to perform hands-on experiments with ice cream.

In addition, the ice cream lab is the best place to start if you have older kids. Furthermore, the areas invite everyone to take a closer look at flavors and are an excellent spot to sit and engage in dept with the company.

Wrapping Up

The museum of ice cream Chicago is the best place to explore during weekends. Moreover, you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones at this fantastic place. It is a dream come true for all the ice cream. Interestingly, there are many places in the city where you can find the best ice cream in Chicago but going to this ice cream museum is a treat in itself. So, do check it out on the weekends. 


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