All About Tongue and Groove Atlanta- the Luxury Nightclub

Atlanta’s most famous nightclub is Tongue & Groove (T&G), which is situated in the centre of Buckhead. Over the years, what started out as a sushi bar and cocktail club in 1994 has transformed into a large-scale entertainment complex.

Tongue & Groove is a well-liked weekly/daily social gathering that considers the welfare of the general people. It’s the Saturday girls’ night out, the Wednesday gathering for students, and the Friday getaway for office workers. 

Service options: Dine-in · No delivery

 Located in: Lindbergh City Center

Address: 565 Main St NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States

Phone: +1 404-261-2325



Tongue & Groove- An ATL Highlight

The only nightclub in Atlanta without a closing date may be Tongue & Groove. This pillar of Big A nightlife, which gets its name from the intersection of the wooden planks, draws a diverse clientele that includes working adults, high rollers, females gone wild, seasoned clubbers, tourists, and celebrities.

In a nightclub, it’s very much OK to do anything you want. You may dance if you want to, or you can just stand about and look stylish. In addition to the lush aesthetics and a promise of a luxurious and relaxed time, the location typifies a sensual discotheque deserving of reflecting the finest of what the A T L has to offer when it is in full-blown party mode. Despite being a medium-sized, well-known, commercial dance club, T&G maintains a very democratic, unpretentious atmosphere. In addition to all this, the sample menu offers some delectable and luscious offerings like California rolls, Truffled parmesan popcorn, custom cakes, sweet tacos, and many more.

The Key Location of T&G

tongue and groove atlanta

Near the Lindbergh MARTA station, Tongue & Groove is situated in Uptown Atlanta just south of Sidney Marcus Boulevard and off Piedmont Road.

Locals and devoted regulars have continued to adore T&G. For tourists and visitors from other cities, it is a must-see and does. They have entertained innumerable celebrities, athletes, and performers throughout the years and make everyone feel like a VIP.

Everyone may easily travel to this hotspot place on their special night. A retreat at Tongue and Groove Atlanta guarantees you a luxuriant, relaxed experience without having to worry about transportation.

The Events at T&G

What would life be like without events and new music? T&G is the place where the newest artists get developed. Many aspiring DJs and artists got their start at a neighbourhood nightclub. It’s a place where musicians are free to express their creativity, test out new sets, and profit from the audience. Tongue and Groove in Atlanta are cognizant of this, which is why it organizes events like:

  • I Want Candy
  • Dead Sexy
  • Area 51
  • Perreo Logia
  • Latin Wednesdays

T&G has nightly DJs and sporadic live performances. On Wednesdays, the DJs play reggaeton as well as classic salsa, merengue, and bachata. The music mix is an open format that includes current dance tracks (EDM), hip-hop, and timeless hits from Thursday through Saturday.

Cities require a variety of venues to showcase fresh outside acts and influences if they are to become great cultural centres. T&G plays a significant role by presenting dance and music events. They contribute to the growth of culture and, by extension, the awareness of variety in society at large. 

Other Specialties of Tongue & Groove in Atlanta

tongue and groove atlanta

Tongue and Groove Atlanta specializes in a variety of events, including networking functions, meet and greets, wrap parties, social gatherings, bar and bat mitzvahs, film location shootings, corporate holiday parties, and more.

The entire space is open every day and every night. Alternately, distinct spaces can be reserved, such as the side room or mezzanine. Rates change based on the day and hour. Standard and deluxe bar packages, passing hors d’oeuvre catering, chef-activated cuisine stations, specialized décor, and live entertainment are all charged separately.

A full team of bartenders, waiters, doormen, DJs, lighting technicians, security, coat checkers, valet parking attendants, and management are all included in the prices for all events.

What does Tongue and Groove’s Average Table Cost?

At Tongue and Groove in Atlanta, tables cost anything from $300 to $3,750(May Vary).

Tongue and Groove’s standard table will run you about $1,000. On most occasions, you may reserve the Upstairs Table (Small) arrangement for up to 6 guests with a budget of $1,000.

Wrapping Up

Tongue & Groove is the ideal way to unwind after a week of work, hustle, or study.

Here are some things you need to understand before you visit for a lush time in Tongue & Groove Atlanta:

  • VIP members, table reservations, and admissions from the guest list will all have priority entrances.
  • Entry will be denied to anybody who is found to be inebriated, rowdy, unruly, disrespectful, vulgar, crass, or violent.
  • You must dress appropriately. At the doorman’s discretion, the venue has the right to refuse entrance.
  • Each guest must be at least 21 and present valid identification.


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