6 Best Thrift Stores In Atlanta

Atlanta is the biggest fashion hub in the USA. Due to the city’s music and history scene, the place attracts a lot of clothing trends. While some people love to spend money on those branded clothes, some prefer to visit the best thrift stores in Atlanta to satisfy their unique fashion requirements. 

Every person looks for great deals, and thrift stores can provide them with that. Besides, these stores have an excellent way to recycle used household items and clothing. Besides, they also offer impressive discounts. However, with so many options available in the city, it can be challenging for you to locate Atlanta’s best thrift stores, especially if you aren’t from the city. Don’t worry at all, as we have listed some of your best options. 

Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta

Here are some of the thrift stores in the city that you can explore!


Psycho Sisters

Psycho Sisters

Psycho Sisters has to be our favorite thrift store in the city. Moreover, you can discover a huge collection of trendy items. And we find their handbag and jewelry collection quite impressive. Besides, you will find the products in good condition, and they are gently used. If you want to explore the best thrift stores in Atlanta for vintage clothing, visit Psycho Sisters. Furthermore, their shop deals with both women’s and men’s clothing and offers different household items. 

Moreover, one thing about the store that will surely impress you is how properly organized they are. In fact, they have categorized their selection based on a decade so that you can easily find your desired product. The store has everything, from menswear to line dresses, at the best prices. Besides, you should check out their vintage items and accessories. Not just that, look at their cosmetics collection when you visit the store. 

Address: 428 Moreland Ave NE

Phone- (404) 523-0100



Rag-O-Rama – Among Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta

Rag-O-Rama - Among Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta

Another great place in Atlanta for used and vintage clothing and accessories is Rag-O-Rama. This is one of the best Atlanta’s best thrift stores. Furthermore, they also have stores across metro Atlanta. This thrift store has more than 30,000 unique items at costs that no other store can’t beat. 

Additionally, here you will find a great collection of vintage clothing and household items. Further, they also have clothes shipped from different locations. Besides, they also collect items through local donations. Interestingly, if you want to sell your used clothes at the right prices, visit Rag-O-Rama. 

Address: 1111 Euclid Ave NE

Phone: +1 404-658-1988



Goodwill in Atlanta

Goodwill in Atlanta

Goodwill is a popular organization that has turned into a donation machine. Here you can find the best collection. Furthermore, it is situated just 5 minutes away from Buckhead THRIFTique. They mostly deal with clothes, and it is possible that you can also find some brand-new pieces here. 

Interestingly, this place has a vast collection of trendy items, and finding the right items for you will not be that overwhelming. They have their own parking space, so you don’t have to worry about that. Moreover, if you want your used clothes to be used by someone who doesn’t have clothes, you can donate them to Goodwill. 

Address: 1460 Northside Dr. NW

Phone: +1 404-367-0077



Uptown Cheapskate for Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta

Uptown Cheapskate for Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta

Another store that you can try if you are looking for the best thrift stores in Atlanta is Uptown Cheapskate. Moreover, it is a chain of popular thrift stores, and you can find seven of them around the city. Here you will find both cheap and expensive items. Furthermore, they source many products from stores around them and sell them at a huge discount. 

The store has many trendy prices, and the clothes are gently used and good in quality. Interestingly, their denim products are available in different sizes. If you can hit the store during the sales, then you can enjoy amazing discounts. Not only that, by selling your old clothes, you can get cash or in-store credit. 

Address: 5900 State Bridge Rd Ste A1, Johns Creek

Phone: +1 770-495-1515



The Junkman’s Daughter

The Junkman's Daughter

The store was first opened in 1982 by Pam Majors. And after her death in 2016, she left the store for Moss Mills, her son. If you are looking for something weird and wonderful, this thrift store in Atlanta can be a great option. Furthermore, this is the best location to find eclectic items, from accessories and clothing to books, movies, gifts, costumes and more. 

Address: 464 Moreland Ave

Phone: +1 404-577-3188



Value Village

Value Village

Value Village has been a popular name in the city’s thrift scene for more than two decades. Moreover, this one of the best thrift stores in Atlanta deals with women’s and men’s clothing and household products, like sofas, mattresses, beds and more. Besides, they also have unique collectables, linens, rare antiques, home décor, cookware, etc. 

Furthermore, this store is just like a department store, but the costs of the products are way cheaper. They have more than 15,000 items, and you may find the things that no thrift store can offer. Value Village also buys used items if you are interested in donating old clothes or household items. Interestingly, the items that remain unsold get recycled. 

Address: 1899 Metropolitan Pkwy SW

Phone: +1 770-840-7283


Final Words

There is no doubt that the best thrift stores in Atlanta can provide you with more than just good discounts. Moreover, these stores offer an alternative shopping experience and also encourage people to recycle their used items. Furthermore, they also help people of the economic classes to use high-quality home goods and clothing. 

If you are looking for second-hand items at the right prices and quality, then these stores will meet your requirements. Let us know how you like the above-mentioned stores. We love how popular thrifting has become in the city and how it helps the environment. So, get some unique pieces and enjoy thrift shopping in Atlanta.

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