All About Piece of Cake Atlanta

Piece of Cake Atlanta serves some of the best cakes in the city. If you are a fan of desserts and have a sweet tooth, there is a lot that you can explore at this spot. Furthermore, from delicious gourmet cakes to cupcakes, you can find everything at this amazing bakery. 

So, let’s explore everything about this Piece of Cake in Atlanta so that you get the best of it. 

Piece of Cake Atlanta – For All Things Delicious

Address: 970 North Point Dr Suite B-180, Alpharetta


Contact: 8009225390

Piece of Cake in Atlanta has been serving beautiful, delicious cakes in the city since 1985, creating, packaging, and delivering them to your doorsteps. Furthermore, they are said to have delivered tens of thousands of cakes all over the country as they have many outlets scattered all around. In addition, they have been baking cakes for birthdays, engagements, marriages, office parties, house parties, and more. Additionally, the most beautiful part of this bakery is that their cakes feel homemade with all the fresh ingredients used, baked with love. 

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Specialties at Piece of Cake Atlanta

Specialties at Piece of Cake Atlanta

They specialize in homely cakes, and Atlanta’s Piece of Cake also serves cookies, cupcakes, and goodies. Further, they started as a tiny kitchen in Atlanta but are now hugely expanded all over the country with nine outlets in Atlanta. Additionally, they started with the idea of making incredible gourmet cakes that carry a fresh fragrance of home and delivering it to the people of the country, to the doorsteps. Over the years, they have added many flavors to the cakes and started serving cookies, cupcakes, and cream cheese brownies. 

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Fresh From the Oven – Cakes and More! 

They have some delicious and fresh-looking cakes like Birthday Layer Cake, Cookies and Cream Layer Cake, White Chocolate Layer Cake, Red Velvet Layer Cake, and the list goes on. Furthermore, Piece of Cake Atlanta also serves cakes for almost all interests of tastes. So, if you think you won’t get your choice of cake, that is not happening! Most importantly, you cannot miss the Rainbow cake that they serve. 

Fresh From the Oven- Piece of Cake Atlanta

In addition, they also make a variety of cupcakes, large or smaller ones, of different flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, carrot, coconut, white chocolate, and more. Piece of Cake in Atlanta also adds a gift card or a personalized message if you want to deliver the cake to someone as a gift. They also offer toppers according to the occasion. Additionally, the founders of this bakery have also published a book depicting their journey.

Wrapping Up

Well, it is time to taste their baked goods in Atlanta. Cakes from the Piece of Cake Atlanta make your tastebuds feel good and keep your moments alive and memorable for life. Make sure you don’t get addicted to their cakes and cupcakes because we already are. 

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