Top 5 Places To Live in Atlanta (With Neighborhood & All Details)

Atlanta is known for its great weather and trendiest living. So if you have decided to move to the city of transformation, let us help you find the best places to live in Atlanta. From greens to metro areas, excellent education to the imperial economy, let us take you on a journey to the best places that you can explore if you are planning to settle. 

Best Places to Live in Atlanta

Here are the 5 best places to live in Atlanta concerning your needs ranging from basic to the best:



Midtown best places to live in atlanta

Midtown Atlanta is the best area if you are looking for an urban neighborhood that is located in the north of downtown. Furthermore, it is safe and among the best places to live in Atlanta, with plenty of options. You can easily shop, dine and enjoy your time there. Furthermore, the Piedmont Park and Atlanta Botanical park make this region more appealing to the residents to live. Significantly, people who are keen on art, nature, and picnics can spend their best moments of life in this area.

Moreover, it provides you with the luxury of greens as well as close proximity to downtown. Not only that, Midtown is Atlanta’s best place to live also gives you the best options for schools if you’re shifting with your family. It not only serves the city vibe but peace as well and is best suited for people who are trying to find a balance in high and low-pace environments. 


Beltline – Inman Park

Inman Park (Beltline)

If you have a lot in your pockets and not just on your plate, you won’t get any trendier place than Inman Park. Anyone can fall in love with one of the best places to live in Atlanta because of its people, hospitality, mouth-watering food, and a lot of walking space to digest your calories. The reason why it is called Beltline is the beautiful bungalows, condos, and town homes which are built along this path, which makes us the most popular area to live in.

Furthermore, not only Atlanta is beautiful but also the most suitable place for your taste buds if you are a foodie. Coffee shops and street markets can be an add-on to your hippie life. Jimmie Carter Presidential Library and Museum is the cherry on the cake for history folks. The sunny streets covered with greens are enough to keep you healthy and happy and the nightlife keeps your entertainment bugs in place.


Old Fourth Ward – Among Best Places to Live in Atlanta

Old Fourth Ward best places to live in atlanta

Old Fourth Ward is situated in the south of Midtown Atlanta, the place keen to develop and create. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site is a mark of the rich cultural history of the place. Old Fourth Ward is popular for its urbanization and growing restaurants and breweries. Fourth ward can be considered a top pick in the best places to live in Atlanta list. Ponce City Market and Historic Fourth Ward Park are popular go-to places in Old Fourth Ward. People of all ages can calm their cravings and feed their shopping bugs with various resources available just within walking distance. Isn’t it amazing?

The place offers affordable condos and lofts to spend some crazy and calm moments to spend of your lives. It is an urban area where you get to see plenty of things and multiple activities to do. Old Fourth Ward is developing each day and would suit you best since there are opportunities for growth.  


Sandy Springs 

Sandy Springs 

Sandy springs are located in the north of Atlanta, most suitable for young professionals and families to live in Atlanta. It is said to be the second-largest city in the metropolitan area of Atlanta. It has the gist of nature and modern city vibes. Sandy Springs has the most affordable schools with an excellent education, beaches parks, and gardens. Atlanta’s best place to live is also a hub of corporate headquarters of the biggest companies including Coca-cola, Delta Airlines Inc, The Home Depot, etc. Chattahoochee Plantation, Arlington Memorial Park, and Steel Canyon Golf Club are a few spots to save you from the hustle and puts you directly into the lap of nature. 

Sandy Springs provide you with huge highways to get you going anywhere and everywhere smoothly. It takes hardly 30 minutes to downtown Atlanta and 5 minutes more to reach the International Atlanta airport. Sandy Springs scores high in terms of safety with a very low crime rate. The place will not bore you in terms of your hobbies and entertainment. Sandy Springs is said to have the best spring schools in the city!


Virginia Highlands – One of the best places to live in Atlanta

Virginia Highlands best places to live in atlanta

Virginia Highlands is situated just right to Midtown and is a perfect place to make a living. The place in Atlanta is famous for exotic food restaurants and shopping areas. Virginia Highlands is a small town with charming vibes and a feeling of living in a big city.

Furthermore, it is safer than other towns in Atlanta with a lower crime rate. Moreover, some of the best schools with very high ratings are accessible in the town for the best education for your kids. The place has aesthetic streets, trendy boutiques, restaurants, and theatres to give you some variety. Virginia is the best to live in Atlanta if you want to raise a family here, with a cozy community vibe, low-key living, and high aspirations. 


Atlanta is the coolest mixture of development, parks, low-key living, education, safety, food and coffee, and so much more! Now you have plenty of options to choose the best place to live in Atlanta. Choose what suits your expectations the best and get going. We wish you a good stay! 

Check out a variety of things to do in Atlanta and enjoy your time in the city.

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