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Goldbergs Fine Foods Atlanta is a renowned bagel shop serving delicious bagels, sandwiches, and other baked goods. It is one of the best shops for bagels in Atlanta, and you can enjoy fresh bagels here on your visit. So, let’s explore more about it in this article. 

Explore Goldbergs Fine Foods Atlanta

Location: 875 Battery Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 

Contact: +1 770-485-9570


Get ready for a journey into America’s love affair with bagels. We shall explore all you need to know about this restaurant in detail:


Goldbergs Fine Foods Atlanta store

Goldberg’s Fine Food in Atlanta is a small Beagle shop that offers a variety of bakery items amidst a modern setting. Furthermore, the authentic New York-style bagels at Goldberg’s are boiled and baked as they should be. The bakery also offers a full deli service with meats and seafood flown in daily from New York, a selection of fresh salads, freshly baked bread every morning, and a comprehensive eating experience.


In 1972, Goldberg & Son, a modest, father-and-son-run deli in Atlanta, opened as Goldberg’s Bagel Company & Deli. The outlet provided six varieties of real; New York-style boiled bagels and one extremely well-liked Po’Boy sandwich. Moreover, the venue was a modest but well-liked classic New York deli.

The duo created a New York-style delicatessen empire, renaming the company Goldberg’s Bagel Company & Deli, and expanded it to six deli outlets throughout the metro region. 

Food Specialty of Goldbergs Fine Foods Atlanta

Food Specialty of Goldbergs Fine Foods Atlanta

Although Goldberg’s menu includes various breakfast and lunch options, bagels remain the company’s core product. Because of this, the team at Goldberg’s bakery still produces more than 500 dozen bagels during the workweek and more than 1,000 dozen on the weekend. Today, any of a dozen types of house cream cheeses, nova, or hummus comes with more than 32 varieties, ranging from salt to asiago cheese to hyper cinnamon. The delicious bagels are quickly boiled using an Old World technique, then put on redwood boards and go for baking at 500 degrees for perfect crispness.

Every morning, three to four dozen sandwiches are available at each Goldberg’s store by putting flavorful salami, bologna, corned beef, turkey, and mustard on freshly baked French bread. Thick, rounded scoops of homemade deli salads, pickled tomatoes, stuffed cabbage, and steamed corned beef pastrami are all available for purchase at the counter for customers. Frozen casseroles are made in style for a cosy, home-cooked family meal. The boiling of matzah balls, slicing of regional fruit, and cracking of eggs fill the Goldbergs’ kitchen daily.

Although Goldbergs Fine Foods Atlanta may have increased its menu and number of locations over the years, the importance of quality, the focus on the customer—the ideals and values reminiscent of earlier times—remain and are the restaurant’s ongoing secret to success in addition to providing delicious food for you to enjoy. 


Goldbergs Fine Foods Atlanta is a beloved bagel shop that offers delicious bagels, sandwiches, and more. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere and multiple locations throughout the city, Goldberg has been a local favorite for over 50 years.


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