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The Starlight Drive-In Atlanta tucked away in a lovely region outside of Atlanta, has always preserved its natural scenery and homage to traditional art-deco design. The Starlight has four screens with a brand-new digital projection system that produces the cleanest sound and the brightest picture ever seen at a drive-in theatre.

Even though some of the oldest drive-in cinemas date back to the early 90s, their actual heyday in American culture was in the 1940s to 1960s. A vast outdoor display or projector, a large car park or field, and some refreshment stands make up a drive-in movie theatre. Drive-ins offered the chance to view movies in total privacy while remaining comfortable in one’s vehicle.

The Amazing Starlight Drive in Atlanta

Address: 2000 Moreland Ave SE


Moviegoers flocked to the Starlight Drive In Atlanta had an enormous screen when it first opened in 1949 to watch the newest releases. Many drive-in theaters had to close by the late 1950s due to the escalating cost of residential and commercial buildings. Luckily, Starlight has prospered as a result of its distinctive position and devoted customers.

Furthermore, they increased the number of screens in 1956 and altered the brand to the Starlight Twin. Many hard-top cinemas started transitioning to multiplexes with tiny screens in the early 1980s. To fulfill the demand, they launched their renowned Swap Meet in 1983 and added four additional screens.

The Prominence of Starlight Drive-in

Starlight Drive In Atlanta - The Prominence of Starlight Drive-in

The North 85 Twin, the last other drive-in theatres in Atlanta, closed its doors in 1998 to make room for a new multiplex. The Starlight Drive In Atlanta became more well-liked among the locals due to the North 85 Twin’s demise. Customers yearned for the memories and double-feature enjoyment exclusive to Starlight drive in Atlanta more than ever.

Their inaugural “Drive-In Invasion” was a three-day event in 1999 that featured live music, exciting automobiles, on-site camping, and a ton of quirky old movies. Weekend events like “Drive Invasion” and “Rock and Roll Monster Bash” have become popular traditions where they highlight local performers, groups, businesses, and activities for the whole family.

Why Visit the Starlight Drive In Atlanta

This place is great for a perfect date night. Bring lawn chairs so you may sit outside the vehicle. Starlight is a great place to have a party. There is no additional fee if you bring a group. Groups could show up early to guarantee they can park close to one another.

Tickets for adults cost $10, but only $1 for children aged 5 to 9. The ticket entitles you to admission for two films that are screening simultaneously. The Starlight Drive in Atlanta is accessible every day of the year, every week.

A Unique Experience

Starlight Drive In Atlanta - A Unique Experience

Nowadays, drive-in experiences may be as essential as watching from a rooftop to something much more imaginative, like seeing Jaws while floating in a body of water. Visits to drive-in theatres are more of a spectacle than a weekend activity, but they are still an essential part of cinematic history and should be honoured as such.

You switch off your headlights, turn on your vehicle radio, and settle in to watch movies on a fairly large screen at Starlight drive in Atlanta. You will undoubtedly have an excellent time, whether you are with family or otherwise.

Some Friendly Tips

If this is your first time at Starlight drive in Atlanta, here are some tips for you:

  • As long as you won’t be cooking it there, you’re welcome to bring your own food.
  • Further, you will find a snack bar with Mexican food and the standard drive-in fare.
  • For children under the age of nine, Starlight charges just one dollar and accepts credit and debit cards.
  • Every night, double features are shown on each of the four screens.
  • Set up a few lawn chairs outside your vehicle.
  • In order to enjoy a movie in comfort, park your vehicle rearward and fill the back with cushions and blankets.


Many states conduct “summer drive-ins” during the summertime as a homage to the past since nostalgia for drive-in cinemas is not uncommon. Others, like Starlight drive in Atlanta, are open every day of the year. Now, isn’t that fantastic? So, throw your worries out and visit this amazing drive-in place for all the fun.

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