The Varsity Atanta – The Perfect Drive-In Restaurant

The Varsity Atanta is the perfect drive-in restaurant for a phenomenol experience. Moreover, if you carry the conception that drive-in restaurants were more popular in the 1940s, it’s time to reconsider. 

Additionally, it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere. Drivers love quality food and entertainment in many different genres that aren’t readily available otherwise. They’re (safe) no tipping! This means servers can make as much or little money as they want every shift. So, if you are on an exploration to find why drive-in restaurants are becoming more popular, this brief review of the Varsity Atanta will help you out. 

Explore The Varsity Atanta

Address- 61 North Avenue NW

Phone- +1 404-881-1706


The longest chain of drive-in restaurants has plenty to offer everyone. Learn about its menu, locations, and other details in this piece of writing. 


The Varsity Atanta is the home ground of the restaurant, boasting of its original and largest location. Moreover, the site is huge and comprises 2 city blocks. The restaurant can accommodate as many as 800 diners inside. Interestingy, the Varsity was unearthed in 1928 and quickly gained the reputation of being the largest drive-in. Customer service and staff satisfaction run hand-in-hand, and it is evident by the smooth experience o offer here. In addition, if you are taking a trip to Atlanta or passing through, do try out the chill dog or order of rings or simply enjoy Frosted Orange from The Varsity. 

The Menu

While one may think that The Varsity in Atlanta has only a small choice of snacks, such is not the case. Further, the menu does have lots of options for every person. The categories include hot dogs, burgers, chicken, desserts, and shakes. Then there are classic combos, side items, and special The Varsity recipes. Don’t forget to order the heaviest onion rings in town and wash them down with a frosted orange shake.

Menu The Varsity Atanta

Moreover, the food’s taste is vintage and classic to the core. Further, this throwback fast-food restaurant with collegiate decor is well-liked by both locals and visitors. Though it is the largest drive-in, guests do usually come inside and settle down after ordering. On match day or evenings, the venue is flooded with people from all around Georgia. Everyone comes inside to place their orders and settles in one of the several dining rooms to watch the game. 

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Drinks at The Varsity Atanta

There is a whole menu of dependable southern classics to accompany the food at The Varsity Atanta. Moreover, you can order the likes of icy cold buttermilk, enormous cups of Coke, P.C.s, and F.O.s. In The Varsity slang, “plain chocolate” refers to chocolate milk rather than a chocolate milkshake (with ice cream). Interestingly, Atlanta’s The Varsity oranges with frosting are a fantastic way to stay cool, with or without chili dogs.

Service and Ambiance

Due to its historical significance, the Varsity Atlanta never fails to wow. In addition, the delivery of fast food and the friendliest staff ensure that the service is always top-notch. Another thing to adore is the restaurant’s classic and old decor. You will enjoy how they replenish your cup with a fresh beverage while barely touching your old one. 

Drinks at The Varsity Atanta

The ambiance is so attractive that many people even call the Varsity Atlanta a “tourist trap. Interestingly, the atmosphere at The Varsity Atanta is pretty pleasant. Moreover, there are quite busy people there, notably students. Further, the costs are quite reasonable and affordable. Even though the food might not drive you in, the vibes here are pretty enjoyable. 


So, the Varsity Atanta is an interesting place from every perspective. Many people who love having a quick bite of typical American fast food love visiting here. While the choice of dishes may not become a staple for you, they do serve you well during seldom outdoor evenings. The atmosphere at The Varsity is what makes it a popular choice. Most importantly, the place is ideal for meetings, dinner, and quick grabs while on a road trip. Though the drive-in restaurant is the main service, the dine-in offerings are equally attractive. 

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