Rag-O-Rama Atlanta- Happy Thrifting

Are you looking for a cool outfit but are tight on budget? Look no further because Rag-O-Rama is here to save your day! Rag-O-Rama is a thrift store located in Atlanta and has so much to offer. Not just that, you can also sell your gently used clothes for quick cash!

Let’s have a look at this amazing store:

All About Rag-O-Rama

Address: 1111 Euclid Ave NE

Phone: +1 404-658-1988


What Can I Find At Rag-O-Rama?

Rag-O-Rama store

Rag-O-Rama has a huge collection of clothing for men, women, and children, along with jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses. Their stock also includes new and recycled clothes with something for everybody. Since their merchandise is renewed by customers daily, each time you visit, they have new inventory. What could be better than having a new collection every day?

Thrifting Is In!

Thrifting has gained popularity in the last few years, as it should, since it is such a viable option for all of us! 

  1. Decrease Resource Consumption

In today’s world of fast fashion, we often find ourselves buying things that we do not even need. This, in turn, is depleting our already limited resources. Water is one of the leading resources used in the textile industry. By thrift shopping, you can contribute to saving water, among other resources.

  • Less Textile Waste

The average American produces an estimated 112 lbs of textile waste annually. It can take several months for these textiles to decompose. To avoid this, thrifting is the easiest way to go green! Instead of throwing away your old clothes, you can donate or sell your used clothes to Rag-O-Rama.

  • Lower Chemical Pollution

A lot of chemicals are used in creating new textiles, which are harmful to the environment, as well as our health. With fewer clothes sold, the demand for such products will also decrease.

Not just that, thrifting also helps you stay in fashion without breaking the bank. And it feels great too!

How to Sell at Rag-O-Rama?

Rag-O-Rama is a resale store that buys your gently used items. You can get paid in cash or store credit as per your preference. You just need to get your freshly laundered and clean clothes in, and they will start processing immediately. However, each seller is limited to 3 small, 2 medium, or 1 large/industrial size bag. You can not bring clothes more than the set limit.

Token Program

Rag-O-Rama thrifting sale

One of the best features of Rag-O-Rama that makes it stand out is its Token Program. Under this innovative feature, the cashiers offer customers a token worth 5 cents or a bag for purchased items. If the customer chooses the token, they then place the token in the bin of the charity of their choice. 

This reflects how one small store can make a big difference just by introducing such simple programs.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Rag-O-Rama has found a special place in the hearts of its customers in Atlanta. Most of them have positive things to say about the store. They often appreciate the clean and carefully presented items, which is a rare thing in thrift stores. Others have shared their experience of finding hidden gems in the store. 

Along with that, some customers have also provided constructive criticism about the store being too choosy of the clothes that they accept. 

However, it must be noted that even their critics agree that being choosy is also essential to maintain the quality of clothes available at the store.


To sum up, thrifting is the new trend these days! So, the next time you are looking for a wardrobe change, Rag-O-Rama can be the place for you. Shopping at Rag-O-Rama gives you the satisfaction of knowing that this place believes in giving back to the community.

So, do not miss the chance to stay in fashion at reasonable prices. Visit Rag-O-Rama today!

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