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Atlanta Metro Studios is the perfect place for film and media creators looking to build their businesses in a creative space with access to the resources they need.

Have you ever wondered where Red Notice, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), The Gifted part one, or Pitch Perfect 3 have filmed? The sets seemed incredible in the movies, and all these movies were filmed in the Atlanta Metro Studios.

Atlanta Metro Studio

Address: 6010 Studio Way, Union City, GA 30291, United States

Phone: +1 404-220-7870


Why Georgia and Not Hollywood?

Before we learn about Atlanta Metro Studio, let us know why Georgia is such a popular filming location among directors and producers and not Hollywood. Well, Ben Affleck had answered it in one word, “Money”. Furthermore, filmmakers are always on the hunt for shooting locations where the production cost is less, and the taxes are lesser so that they can maximize their profits.

Apart from money, Georgia offers a moderately suitable climate, a pretty diverse geography, transportation facilities, other modern amenities, and skilled labour for the filmmaking process at low cost, for which many big movies like Jumanji have been filmed in Georgia and Hollywood.

Atlanta Metro Studios – An Inside Look

Atlanta Metro Studios - An Inside Look

The Atlanta Metro Studios is one of the premier studios for content production. The studio is built in a huge area, and it consists of 1,35,000 sound stages, 50,000 offices, and 60,000 square feet of mill space. The studio is owned by Ed Richardson and Brian Livesay who lease out the studio to production houses for producing TV series or films.

Significantly, the Atlanta Metro studio was constructed in the year 2016, and since then studio has attracted many TV producers and movie producers for filming. Furthermore, the movies from the studio have fared well at the box office, and within a few years, the studio has produced several big-league projects.

Special Features of Atlanta Metro Studios

  •       6 Sound Stages
  •       4+ Acres of Exterior Shooting Spaces
  •       600+ Asphalt Car Parking Spaces
  •       300 Additional Overflow Parking Spaces
  •       3 Dedicated Base Camp Areas
  •       Production Space: 50,000 square feet
  •       8 Production Suites: 38,000 square feet
  •       4 Flex Spaces: 16,384 square feet
  •       Mill: 60,000 square feet
  •       Security – 24/7/365

Production Services 

  •       Telecom & Wireless
  •       Heavy Equipment
  •       HVAC
  •       Lumber & Construction Materials
  •       Lighting & Grip
  •       Production Housing
  •       Massage Therapy & Chiropractic
  •       Waste and Recycling
  •       Furniture Rental
  •       Janitorial
  •       Full-Service Mailroom
  •       Ice & Propane

The Magnificent Stages at Atlanta Metro Studio

STAGES 1 – 4 – Each stage consists of a 20,000 square feet stage area, 40 inches in height, and 3200 Amps.

MEGA STAGE – The largest purpose-built sound stage in North America is the Mega Stage with whooping square feet of 80,000.

STAGES 5 – 6 – Stage 5 is 27,500 square feet / 40’ Clear Height / 3,200 Amps, 3 Phase and Stage 6 is 27,500 square feet / 40’ Clear Height / 3,200 Amps, 3 Phase

SUPER STAGE – The Mill Space is 60,000 square feet and is the second largest purpose-built stage over an area of 55,000 square feet.

The Magnificent Stages at Atlanta Metro Studio

Productions of Atlanta Metro Studios

The Atlanta Metro Studios Movies have been quite successful in America and worldwide. Let us look at some of the past movie productions from this studio:

  •       First Kill
  •       Candy
  •       Red Notice
  •       Insatiable
  •       Gifted
  •       The Passage
  •       Pitch Perfect 3
  •       Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle


The Atlanta Metro Studio is one of the top choices among filmmakers for filming not only because it is located in Georgia but also for its excellent facilities. Not only that, big league movies have been made in this studio, and it has been a relatively new studio in business for only 7+ years. In these few years, it has gained immense popularity, and it holds tremendous promise to produce more excellent movies in the future and be one of the best and most significant cinematic experiences.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about the studio and why it is a preferred location among filmmakers. Read more about exciting things in Atlanta and stay updated!


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