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El Gaucho Seattle is the Pacific Northwest’s leading premium steakhouse, with six locations in the wider region and its flagship Seattle location going back to 1953. While the venue is new, the immaculate service, old-school first-class flair, and delectable flavor-forward food remain the same.

Labeled as “the definitive steakhouse in the country,” El Gaucho offers an award-winning menu by displaying an elegant table of dishes. Every night, there is live music at the venue. Moreover, El Gaucho is a Northwest steakhouse traditional brand that focuses on old-school, tableside service. 

Let us look at how they enjoy assisting guests in creating a night to treasure.

El Gaucho Seattle

Address: 2200 Western Ave Ste. 101

Phone: +1 206-728-1337


Jim Ward established the original El Gaucho in Seattle in 1953. Moreover, Paul Mackay took over as General Manager of the classic El Gaucho after opening the Seattle 13 Coins for Mr. Ward. 

Perfect Location and Amenities

El Gaucho in Seattle with a posh Seattle steakhouse shuttered its old Belltown location and opened its massive new flagship location in Belltown’s Union Stables building. Moreover, the renovated space, which once held over 300 horses that were used to pull Seattle’s streetcars and fire engines, now includes:

Perfect Location El Gaucho Seattle

  • Comfortable booths
  • An interior fire pit
  • Four private dining areas
  • A sight of the restaurant’s beef age area

Menu at El Gaucho Seattle

El Gaucho Seattle offers a menu that features fresh seafood delicacies and the best of products around the world. Moreover, the restaurant includes All-Natural Certified Angus Beef, Brand Prime steaks, tradition-aged Certified Angus Beef, brand tenderloin filets, ribs, pork, poultry, and the freshest seafood. Furthermore, all are prepared to spruce up over an open bed of hot embers in an exhibition-style cooking area. Moreover, the restaurant’s comprehensive wine list is top-notch, and its happy hour menu is one of the best in Seattle. 

Cornerstones of El Gaucho Seattle

Seattle’s El Gaucho truly sets the bar for Seattle restaurant service. Top-notch service has become a hallmark of the brand, from the entrance to the end of your meal. Moreover, they remember your name, beverage, and allergy concerns and cater to you without being annoying.

Cornerstones of El Gaucho Seattle

El Gaucho in Seattle is another steakhouse that uses waiter captains. Being attentively catered to by a tuxedoed crew enhances the eating experience to a level that few other current fine dining experiences achieve. Moreover, this restaurant takes us back to a time when people dressed up for supper, and it feels thrilling and special in a very welcome sense. In addition, the cuisine is a “flavor-forward” and “old school” cuisine, with fantastic cuts of meat, a few tried-and-true appetizers, and a variety of seafood, salads, and sides. Everything is straightforward, well-executed, and brimming with flavor. Moreover, a few other dishes are the ones that your waiter captain presents with flamboyant flame displays. Each is presented tableside in a spectacular blazing display, sure to please everyone at your dinner party.


El Gaucho Seattle can help you establish a unique dining experience to help you delight and thrill your colleagues, family, or friends, whether you are organizing an intimate family celebration or a significant event. Guests can make bookings for everything from small snack platters for five to entire dinners for 500 people. 


El Gaucho Seattle’s experience combines excellent service with outstanding quality. Moreover, the restaurant’s outstanding chefs and dedicated employees give traditional tableside service to those embracing their lives. Every ritual, starting with the front-door greeting to the fire-dancing desserts, is part of their respect for the old days and vision for how good dining should persist.

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