Radiator Whiskey Seattle: Enjoyable BBQ and Bourbon

Radiator Whiskey Seattle is located in the Pike Place Market and is the one-stop answer to Spotted pig meat. The moody lounge has its own on-site and house-made whiskey and barrel-aged cocktails. The chalkboard menu, of course, changes every day. Radiator Whiskey is like heaven for people in the USA because it’s hard to find a meat place with everyday people turning vegan. 

The spot is popular exclusively for ages 21 and over. Radiator Whiskey Seattle serves enjoyable cocktails and some of Seattle’s finest meat dishes. Some favorites include roasted bone marrow, sticky smoked pork belly, double bacon cheeseburgers, and the famous pig head.

Whiskey and Comfort Food at Radiator Whiskey Seattle

Address: 94 Pike Street Suite, Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: +1 206-467-4268


Radiator Whiskey has an impressive collection of approximately 200 and about 20 regional spirits; they take pride in their American whiskey selection. The cocktails are often regarded as Prohibition-era-style cocktails. The complementing drinks include single malts. The noticing factor of the bar is the large whiskey barrel mounted on the bar, housing many smaller barrels with white whiskey aged for different durations. This unique aging method allows customers to taste the evolving flavors of whiskey. 

Ambiance and Decor

Coming to the decor has a cultured logging camp appeal, making it a rustic-chic spot. The open kitchen offers personalized meat creations. All of the furniture is locally reclaimed, including the bar and tables. The charred atmosphere provides the ideal setting for having whiskey while admiring the view through the tall, half-moon windows overlooking First Avenue. 

Craft Cocktails Gallery at Radiator Whiskey Seattle

If we are talking about this incredible bar in Seattle, let us shed some light on the most apparent drinks one should try once at Radiator Whiskey Seattle. 

Whiskey Flights 

  • Local Flight: Copperworks single malt, Oola bourbon, Woodinville rye whiskey.
  • Special Rare Yamazaki Releases: Mizunara cask, Puncheon cask, Spanish oak cask, peated cask.

Barrel Aged Cocktails (In Rotation)

Barrel Aged Cocktails

  • Radiator Whiskey Seattle ages full cocktails in charred oak barrels to create a fuller beverage. You can ask the server or the bartender for the day’s selection.

Radiator Signature and Remixed Classics

  • Smoked Maple Old Fashioned: Applewood smoked Jim Beam rye, maple, Angostura bitters, and orange peel.
  • Market Mule: Fresh market fruit infused Wheatley vodka, lime, Fever tree ginger beer.
  • Bijou or Beejou: Honeycomb infused big gin, green Chartreuse, Honeysuckle infused Cocchi Torino, Gin barrel aged orange bitters.
  • Scofflaw: Al carpano, Radiator barre picked Sazerac rye, lemon, Carpano dry vermouth, house-made grenadine.

Radiator Whiskey Seattle B-Sides

  • Various whiskey cocktails with unique ingredients and flavors. 

Non Alcoholic Beverages at Radiator Whiskey

  • Craft Mocktails: Mocktail, Bitburger Pilsner, Best Day Brewing Rotating.


  • Sparkling: Montelliana Valdobbianddene Proscecco, Chandon Rose
  • White: Wairau Sauv Blanc, Josh Cellars, Chardonnay, Lorelle Pinot Grigio
  • Rose: Whispering Angel, Provence Rose
  • Red: Numanthia Termes Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Daou red Blend

Beyond Whiskey

crafted menu for food

The bar has a crafted menu for food as well as drinks. But drinks were always the very first choice. The original intention and focus was to open a small space solely for drinks. The place expanded when they added food to the menu as well. It can also be noted that most of the offerings change with the seasons. 

For example, the spotlights of the place are cuts of meat and many carnivore tempters, such as burgers crafted from ground meat and bone marrow along with a pork cheek stew with smoked cheddar, scallions, and Fritos. The menu includes starters, salads, sandwiches, sides, and sweet treats. Also, they have a selection of Beast Feats and a little something extra as unique options. 

Reservations at Radiator Whiskey Seattle

The reservations can be made by phone as well as online. While welcome, Walk-ins are subject to availability. In addition, for the pig head and Beast Feast pre-ordering via phone is required. 


As covered in the blog Radiator Whiskey Seattle serves remarkable whiskey and meat. In American whiskey heritage, it’s a prominent name. Everything makes the place an excellent spot, from flavorful cocktails to inventive dishes or a captivating ambiance. So, it should be on your list for the next trip to Seattle.

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