Pine Box Seattle: Brews, Booze, and Pizza

Seattleites know where to pay respect to Bruce Lee, but only a few of them are aware of the fact that now they can enjoy a craft beer, cocktail or a fantastic pizza in the chapel where his funeral was held. Opened back in 2012, Pine Box Seattle has an eerie vibe attached to it. Although it has been open for a decade now, it is simultaneously cool and a bit creepy, given that it is located in an old mortuary.

A Place of Significance

Pine Box Seattle

Address: 1600 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122

Phone: +1 206-588-0375


With a bit of grim history, it occupies a comprehensive space of the funeral home. The interior of the bar still has old mortuary’s vaulted ceilings & leaded glass windows. The church pew is used to complete the infrastructure, including the benches and booths. Hundreds of guests can be accommodated in the chapel in the main interior. 

They have also kept murals in one of their rooms. A mural of Bruce Lee across from his friend Chuck Norris’s mural, who was his pallbearer, adds life to the place. There is an upper balcony in the bar, which is reserved for private parties.

Stepping inside still gives a hint of its former structure. Even though the building has gone through big changes over the years, the owners are still making sure the history of the building stays intact. The reason is that the bulk of the tabletops and the bar with groove cabinets are constructed from repurposed oak coffin cabinets. The original urn storage, including the ceramic block, is now situated between the draft screens. Due to its old structure and eerie vibe, it has become a bustling community center that serves up tasty food and excellent craft beer.

Let’s check what is cooking

They are famous in town for their cocktails, offering locals a very carefully curated assortment of craft beers, ranging from beloved West Coast brews to uncommon international finds and everything in between. A direct draw draft system is installed at the bar to serve the highest quality pour as intended by the brewery. It helps to avoid any lengthy beer lines that need to be cleaned by someone else because they’re muddy from the last keg that was tapped. 

  • Craft beers and cocktails: An extensive thirty-three carefully culled taps provide an ample supply of Belgian-leaning beer to quell even the deepest shudder. Besides beer, they have extended their passion, love & appreciation for spirits & well-crafted cocktails. Your favorite cocktails are served with a choice of at least two local ciders.
  • Food: Excellent pizza, savory soups, bread, pretzels, smoked Brussels, embalmed veggies, and salads.
  • They serve a rotating seasonal menu made with local supplies that are cooked in their Woodstone oven. Just in time for fall, they have their “The Dudette Abides”- a white Russian with a pumpkin spice twist.
  • They also serve nostalgic dishes, and one among them is Dragon Breath pizza, which is named after a Bruce Lee movie.

If you want to hop on to the best deals here, then pay your visit between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. every day to get the food, beer, booze, and specials at incredibly discounted prices.

The items on the menu are available for dine-in, takeout, and online order pickup seven days a week. But the daily “Holy Hour” for dine-in is from opening until six o’clock.

It is yours: own it for a day

Pine Box Seattle

An event is coming up, and not sure of the venue! Then book your next party at the Pine box Seattle. You can book the place for your private events, be they conference mixers, birthdays, holiday parties, or any other gathering you are planning for. Here are the options for you to choose from.

  • The Patio offers Large beer hall-style seating. There is enough space to mingle, and this is the place where gorgeous murals are saved. This hall comes with a 100” projector screen with audio capabilities and can accommodate up to 85-100 people.
  • Le Mezz: Another warm and inviting option where the bar is clearly visible. Board games can be enjoyed here, and it has a lending library. Its Maximum Capacity is 45.
  • Pine Box: The whole space can also be rented. It is a unique venue for a large gathering, including the mezzanine and patio space.

In a nutshell

It is more famous for serving killer beers, cocktails, and food rather than for its historical past. The Pine Box Seattle is a great place to enjoy some of the finer things in life. 

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