7 Best beaches in Seattle you must visit

Seattle is known for its great indoors and outdoors. This includes the beaches in Seattle, which offer an amazing environment to spend time with friends and family. The beaches there offer a variety of opportunities for tourists and locals to enjoy the Pacific Northwest. The city is truly surrounded by water, with Puget Sound enveloping it on three sides and Lake Union in the city’s heart.

The Seattle beaches create an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. Moreover, with great views and decent weather most of the year, it is easy to understand why people would want to visit a beach in Seattle. They also offer many activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, scuba diving, sport fishing, and more. However, there are several choices and variability between beaches that many do not know about when planning their trip. So which one can be your ideal picnic spot? The following list can help you arrive at the right answer.

Most popular beaches in Seattle

Let’s begin the list to fire up your exploration of Seattle beaches.


Alki Beach in Seattle

Alki Beach in Seattle beaches in seattleThe first on our list is Alki Beach, and the locals love this one! Alki Beach is on top of the most popular beaches in Seattle because of its incredible views and fun activities. It is located in West Seattle, Washington. You can discover sand, saltwater, hotels, and unique local eateries at the beach, and it’s a favorite spot for cyclists and skateboarders. You can relish water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, and more.

To the north, you will find Alki Point Lighthouse, which was built in 1913. The most popular activity is sunbathing on the sand with friends and family. The beach has also been an excellent venue for concerts and has seen some historical performances.

Location: 2665 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116, United States.


Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens ParkGolden Garden park is another popular beach in Seattle, offering great views of the Olympics Mountains. This beach is north of Seattle, near Ballard on the shores of Puget Sound, and is known for its incredible views of Puget Sound. It gained popularity over the years because it’s a great place for sunbathing and swimming. The topography here consists of sand, pebbles, grassy areas, driftwood, and rocks. There is also a large flat area where people can lay out their picnic blankets.

For the people who long for beautiful scenic shots, the mountain backdrop will provide jaw-dropping clicks. So, bring out the inner model or just go and have fun. It offers many opportunities for people to enjoy biking and camping, among other activities.

Location: 8498 Seaview Pl NW, Seattle, WA 98117, USA.


Madison Park Beach

Madison Park Beach beaches in seattleLocated in the Madison Park neighborhood, Madison Park is one of the most serene beaches in Seattle. This beautiful beach possesses one of the most picturesque views you will come across anywhere in America, for that matter. It offers a fantastic view of the snow-covered Cascade Mountains and Mount Hood at sunrise or sunset.

With all the Baby swings, climbing, and play equipment, it offers a great playing area for kids. Moreover, it has got two tennis courts, a large lawn area, and a grassy slope making it the perfect spot for family outings. You can enjoy swimming in the bathing beach area, and you’ll also find some interesting shops and restaurants around.

Location: 1900 43rd Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112, United States.


Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture ParkOlympic Sculpture Park is the perfect destination for seaside recreation. It is situated right above the waterfront, and this park offers many opportunities to enjoy Seattle’s natural beauty. The landscape of the beach consists of modern and contemporary sculptures. You can discover large rock outcroppings that are great for picnicking or sunbathing. It has a 9-acre outdoor museum, an indoor pavilion, and a beach.

The topography of the area provides ample opportunity for people to engage in various activities like biking, hiking, and jogging. You will definitely get spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay. Plus, it provides a great view of Puget Sound from this place. It is the best place to relax with your loved ones and admire the sunset and sunrise.

Location: 2901 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, US.


Matthews Beach 

Matthews Beach beaches in seattleMathews Beach is among the largest bathing beaches in Seattle and is a popular destination for families. It is a residential area sitting on the shore of Pontiac Bay, on the west shore of Lake Washington. You can enjoy swimming or take a sunbathe here by the side of the lake.

The serene beach is one of Seattle’s many peaceful places to relax and have a fun outing. You get a playground, barbeque pits, locker rooms, and picnic tables. The annual “Polar Bear Plunge” organized by Seattle Parks and Recreation is a sight to behold. It’s a great place to spend your entire day with your family and children.

Location: 5100 NE 93rd St., Seattle, WA 98115, USA.


Discovery Park

Discovery ParkOne of the largest city parks in Seattle, Discovery Park extends to an area of 534 acres. It’s an incredible waterfront park that offers great views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains through the trees. Tourists and locals consider it to be one of Seattle’s most scenic shorelines. The terrain here consists of large dunes where people can walk up to the peak for spectacular views of the harbor and the Olympics.

You can find access to the West Point Lighthouse through boating. It has a walking trail of 11.81 miles with interesting paths overgrown with trees. You can do several things here, like picnicking, sunbathing, swimming, jogging/walking, biking, fishing, etc.

Location: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd, Seattle, WA 98199, United States.


Denny Blaine | One of The Best Beaches in Seattle

Denny Blaine Beach beaches in seattleDenny Blaine Beach is located on the north side of Lake Washington in Seattle, Washington. It’s mainly a residential area with public access to Lake Washington, which offers some good spots for fishing. The site provides excellent views of the Cascade Mountains. It’s a grass beach with great sites for picnics and sunbathing, along with a volleyball pit.

The beach is sitting across a land of 2 acres, and this land was donated by Charles L. Denny and Elbert F. Blaine. They are also responsible for the division of the surrounding neighborhood. You can head to this place for boating, sailing, fishing, swimming, picnicking and sunbathing.

Location: 200 Lake Washington Blvd E, Seattle, WA 98112, USA.


Beaches in Seattle offer the best setting for recreational activities. They are the best spots for picnicking and sunbathing with your loved ones and family, especially with children. You can also enjoy swimming in the freshwater of Lake Washington or jogging on the sandy beaches. If you want to go boating, then Matthews Beach is a great option for you, along with Denny Blaine Beach. If you want to be a little adventurous, then head for Discovery Park or Matthews Beach and enjoy the fun outing with your friends and family members. If you’re looking for scenic beauty with serenity, visit the Seattle beaches!

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