Indigo Cow Seattle: 1st Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve shop in the U.S.

In an attempt to bring delectable Japanese flavors to America, Keisuke (Kay) Kobayashi opened The Indigo Cow outlet. It marks the beginning of his first ice cream shop in Seattle, which marks his effort to blend Hokkaido soft serve with locally sourced ingredients to create amazing flavors. A unique blend of Japanese flavors presented in an upbeat, modern American style makes this place stand out in its neighborhood.

Easy to Locate

location of Indigo Cow

Address: 1911 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: +1 (206) 769-1062


A family-friendly small ice cream shop with all basic amenities, including toilets and a seating area. Their infrastructure includes wooden furniture to accommodate visitors inside the outlet. Ice cream vending machines on one side, along with counter and digital screens displaying information about the products to the guests, frame a modern interior structure. It is a wheelchair-accessible outlet. The blue and white color scheme seems to be a great choice.

The story behind its inception in Seattle

Hokkaido is a place in Japan that has a chilly climate, nutrient-rich grass, and clean air, making for the perfect environment for highly valued dairy cows. The fact that these cows provide about half of all the milk produced in Japan helps explain why Hokkaido is so well-known for its premium soft-serve ice cream, or “soft cream” as it is called in the country.

The founder of Indigo Cow is native to Hokkaido and fell in love with soft-serve ice cream at a young age. However, he could not relate it to any sweet treat in America, which became the basic reason behind the inception of the Indigo Cow in Seattle.

His liking for Hokkaido’s peculiar taste inspired him to share the taste of his homeland by blending Hokkaido soft serve with locally procured, seasonal ingredients.

Celebrate native Japan’s taste in Seattle.

Indigo Cow serves innovative flavor combinations to Seattle’s ardent ice cream enthusiasts. Kay’s partnership is back in his hometown, and the outcome is an ice cream of unparalleled quality – rich and pure in flavor, with a silky texture. He hopes that Seattleites will be transported back to their childhoods by Indigo Cow’s soft serve ice cream, just as Hokkaido soft cream did for him growing up in Japan.

Items on the menu

Menu of Indigo Cow

Celebrating the native rich, creamy soft serve flavors include 

  • Classic Hokkaido: The high-quality Hokkaido milk is used to prepare this rich and creamy soft serve.
  • Matcha Bliss is a delightful green tea flavor with the essence of matcha.
  • Sakura Blossom is a seasonal favorite that has the taste of cherry blossoms.
  • Black Sesame Delight is a blend of nutty soft serve with black sesame.
  • There is also a Hokkaido Lavender infused soft serve.

Specialty Cones: you can choose any waffle cone or a cup to get your soft serve.

  • There are three cup sizes available: small (4), medium (6), and large (8). Having your order in these cups does not cost anything extra.
  • There are two waffle options available; one is basic, and the other is gluten-free. Soft serves in these waffle cones will cost you a little more.

Seasonal Creations:

  • Summer Berry Bliss: Hokkaido soft serve swirled with fresh seasonal berries.
  • Autumn Harvest Delight: A warm blend of cinnamon-infused soft serve with caramel drizzle.
  • Winter Wonderland: Peppermint-infused soft serve with crushed candy cane toppings.

Indigo Cow Specials:

  • Include Kay’s Childhood Memory of a nostalgic blend of Hokkaido milk soft serve flavor with a hint of local flavor.
  • Hojicha flavor in a waffle cone and topped with Shiratama Kuromitsu Kinako (mochi + brown sugar syrup + roasted soybean powder).

Many visit them to try their unique Japanese named toppings on their softserves in waffles.

Custom Toppings and Extras:

  • Mochi Bites
  • Toasted Almond Crunch
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Shavings

The menu changes infrequently, depending on the availability of seasonal ingredients and creative innovations by Indigo Cow Seattle.

To wrap up,

Icecream parlor

Indigo Cow Seattle is one of its kind in the U.S. It brings the essence of Japanese flavors to Seattle. It is a palace well-found by the locals due to its unique blends of Hokkaido soft serve with local ingredients, offering great innovative flavors in this family-friendly setting. The story behind its inception dictates the owner’s desire to share his love for Hokkaido soft cream with Americans. So, visit Indigo Cow and get transported to the taste of Japan.

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