Herbfarm: Get the Taste of the Local Produce Herbs

When was the last time you had delectable Pacific Northwest cuisine? Has it been a very long time? This is your sign to be at Herbfarm. This eatery offers a unique and fulfilling experience with its nine-course meal menu.

The Herbfarm, also a winner of AAA’s 5 Diamond Award, provides a luxurious and comfortable place to dine with all its guests. As soon as you step into this magnificent spot, you will be impressed with everything they offer.

The Journey From Farm to Table

Address: 14590 NE 145th St, Woodinville, WA 98072, United States 

Phone:  +1 425-485-5300


Interestingly, Herbfarm was not established as an eatery in 1974 in Fall City, Washington, but as a herbal nursery. Bill and Lola Zimmerman were the two people behind this farm; they worked together and converted a small farm into a large-scale nursery. 

However, it was then in 1986 when Bill and Lola’s son Ron  along with his wife Carrie Van Dyuck, started to remodel the farm’s garage into a proper restaurant. The couple did this with the idea of providing educational luncheons on the farm. 

When the eating house was officially started, Ron was chosen as the first chef of the Herbfarm, and the first-ever meal was served on May 25, 1986. Within 10 years of its opening, the restaurant gained national recognition for promoting the concept of local foods. 

Story Behind the Extensive Remodeling

Are you aware of the day when the fire demolished Herbfarm’s kitchen? Yes, this tragedy happened in 1997 when the newly renovated cookhouse was burnt due to an electrical fire. This mishappening affected everyone around as an era of a well-known eatery came to an end. But the owners knew it was not for a long time that people had to miss the fantastic cuisine. 

chefs at work

On May 25, 2001, Herbfarm was reopened with a whole new look and location. The restaurant set its new roots in Woodinville. Later in 2010, the two new chefs, Chris Weber, and Jack Gingrich, met in Herbfarm. For the following decade, they worked as Chef and Sous Chef. With their excellent culinary skills and dedication to work hard, they managed to immerse themselves in the taste and culture of the Pacific Northwest. 

At present, Chris and Jack, the third generation, are carrying forward this restaurant, making their family proud. 

Book Your Suite at Herbfarm 

If you wish to experience a 24/7 farm experience, the best you can do is, book a suite. Due to the exotic location of this restaurant, people never miss a chance to stay here for a night at least. Food and nature lovers want to be here all the time, experiencing the aroma of fresh herbs as well as vegetables.

people enjoying at the Herfarm

The Orchard House and Herb Garden suites are designed in such a way that these two offer lavish comfort and overlook the Kitchen Garden. Apart from this, Herfarm also has an option of the Willow Lodge northwest-inspired rooms. So, whatever your needs are, ensure you are choosing the best place to stay here.

Have a Fine-Dine at Herbfarm 

The eatery offers a nine-course meal deal, subject to availability of the ingredients and vegetables during the season. The dishes served are on the basis of season and weather because of the fact that chefs here get the ingredients directly through their local farm and garden. 

The herbfarm from inside

The items on the menu are changed every day so that you can taste something new every day. Be sure you are seated at 7:00 pm for dinner from Thursday through Saturday and at 4:30 pm on Sunday. 

Reservation Guidelines

Reservations are best if you wish to have a smooth dining experience or want to organize a party or an event effortlessly. Herbfarm allows you to book your slot 4 months in advance. The dining or party menu is finalized just a couple of hours before the setup. 

The best part is each meal is paired with a beer, wine, or hand-crafted non-alcoholic beverage, as per your preferences. The dinner lasts for around 4 hours. You can choose to book their private dining, including Founder’s Room and Chef’s Library.

The Bottom Line

With the perfect taste of Pacific Northwest cuisine, Hearfarm never fails to impress people. From its beginning as a herbal nursery to a wonderful 5 Diamond restaurant, this place has proved to be the right spot for people looking for luxury with comfort. The head Chefs here have several years of experience, making them ideal for cooking food with perfection.

Even after the tragic fire in 1997, this place has managed to be among the top restaurants in Seattle. This means the owners and the staff have worked hard over the years to maintain the reputation and the taste. So, if you haven’t had a chance to visit this gem, take time and visit soon.

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