Dahlia Bakery Seattle: Bakes Fresh Everyday

Your love for donuts will lure you to this place! The bakery offers artisan breads, handmade pastries, and desserts. It was opened under the vision and leadership of Tom Douglas. He is popular around the globe for his culinary expertise. He owns various restuarants and Dahlia Bakery Seattle is a part of Tom Douglas’s kitchen empire.

Get an authentic taste of Seattle

Dahlia Bakery Seattle

Address: 2001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: 206-441-4540


Dahlia Bakery is committed to using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The freshness of these ingredients provides an authentic taste of seattle. These homegrown ingredients enhance the aroma and flavor of the food. Apart from the high-quality food they prepare, special attention is paid to the presentation of the food as well. The final plating of the food undoubtedly reflects Tom Douglas’s expertise and experience in the food industry. 

Their menu includes toast, salad, soup, donuts, pies and tarts, and croissants. They also supply oven-ready meals, which include biscuits, rolls, sausage, muffins, fudge brownies, and a few more items. The Dahlia Bakery’s specialty lies in donuts, coconut cream-filled pie, and sandwiches. 

High-end dining destination for, oh, mochi donuts

Are you a donut lover? A gluten-free donut lover? 

The addictive mochi donuts are incredibly delicious. Below is a list of the names of the gluten-free rice-based donuts that are famous among Seattleites.

  • Yuzu glaze 
  • Apple pie
  • Vanilla funfetti
  • Maple pumpkin
  • Chocolate passion fruit 
  • Chocolate Peppermint

Dahlia Bakery Seattle’s world-famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie


Dahlia Bakery is home to its world-famous triple coconut cream pie. It is also the loved cream pie of the local Seattleites. It is so famous that the former president, during his fundraiser event in Seattle, also asked for Tom D’s pie by its name. 

People go crazy for this simple coconut pie as it is comparatively an old-fashioned recipe compared to modern pies. Coconut is the key ingredient, and the triple coconut cream pie has a coconut crust made with butter. Its creamy filling uses shredded coconut and coconut milk. On the top of the pie are toasted coconut flakes, along with curls of whipped cream and white chocolate shavings. The pie is available in various sizes ranging from a whole 9-inch (230 mm) pie, a baby pie, a slice of pie, to a coco pie bite.

Do you like sandwiches for breakfast?

Their breakfast sandwiches are a hit on the streets of Seattle. Many people generally visit them with a game plan. Whatever they preplan to order, they end up buying more, especially the breakfast sandwiches, and that is possibly the reason why people keep coming back. 

They have taken all: ham, cheese, fried egg, and English muffins into account. Their special is a Dahlia grilled sandwich with smoked ham. You will find interesting combinations of eggs, arugula, pepperjack, grilled asparagus, a fresh slice of tomato, goat cheese, or jalapeno aioli packed inside – according to the season.

  • Bacon Egg Sandwich: It contains Bacon, Fried Egg, White Cheddar, Arugula, Smoked Paprika Aioli, and Toasted English Muffin.
  • Ham Egg Sandwich: It is made with Ham, Fried Egg, White Cheddar, Arugula, Smoked Paprika Aioli, and toasted English Muffin.
  • Veggie Egg Sandwich: Enjoy a different taste of Roasted Mushrooms, Kale, Truffle Cheese, Fried Egg, and Black Pepper Aioli with Toasted English Muffin.

You can also choose other sandwiches like a roast beef sandwich, muffalela sandwich, squash sandwich, veggie grinder, pulled pork sandwich, and rest from the grab & go section and Hot sandwiches section on the menu.

The ambiance is filled with the enriched taste of their food


The decor and ambiance are modern and sophisticated. It has sleek furniture, polished surfaces, and contemporary artwork. The atmosphere inside gives a pleasant experience to diners. Plenty of seating contributes to its cozy feel. A touch of freshness is not only found in the food but also its decor. The use of plants gives this space a touch of natural elements. The freshness of plants in the interior perfectly complements the freshly prepared breakfast sandwiches. Even the display of the breakfast sandwiches and mochi donuts is a visual treat for the visitors.

In a nutshell

This bakery is a destination for authentic Seattle taste. They are dedicated to serving high-quality fresh food while paying special attention to the presentation of the food. Apart from enjoying your meal in its dine-in facility, you can also take your food parcels on the way home. The fresh look of the ambiance greatly complements the freshness found in their food.

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