Foxycut Salon Seattle: get your hair done fancy

You would surely like to receive compliments on your hair being a work of art. Right here is the Foxycut Salon, nestled in the heart of Rainier Avenue South. It is a vibrant place, explosion of creativity, sass, and genuine human connection. Gather around for a hair tale like no other, and you will forget about your posh salons with cucumber water and hushed whispers.

Get to know the Place Better

Foxycut Salon Seattle

Address: 808 Rainier Ave S

Contact Number: +1 206-381-3699.


Sunlight streaming through the glass windows. Exposed brick walls evoke a historic, rustic vibe. It is not easy to stop yourself from praising the classic, vibrant mural on one of the walls that catches your attention as soon as you enter. The other walls also display bright-colored art pieces from local artists. It makes the place more colorful and reflects the idea of edgy hair styling done here.

You would definitely want to bob your head and tap your toes to the beats of the music playing in the background. It is an ideal place where you can strike up conversations with strangers like you’ve known them forever, all thanks to the magic of shared good vibes and killer haircuts. Laughter spills out the open door, mingling with the scent of coffee and hairspray. This, my friends, is Foxycut’s symphony.

Meet the Foxy Fam

The Team at Foxycut is the beating heart of this salon. Miguel, the owner, is a walking kaleidoscope of tattoos and infectious energy. He genuinely cares about his client’s worries. He artistically transforms his client’s hair into something fancy.

Foxycut is all about embracing your own unique flair. Do you want rainbow hair, an edgy undercut, or a classic bob cut with a playful twist? Miguel’s got you covered.

Each one of his stylists is a star in their own right, wielding scissors like magic wands, transforming limp locks into vibrant masterpieces. They don’t just do hair; they create art fueled by espresso and a genuine love for their craft.


She is gifted with the ability to create soft blends effortlessly and immaculately vivid hair colors, never failing to make her clients feel beautiful. 


Mahaira’s natural curiosity and adaptability have enabled her to learn a wide variety of complex cutting and coloring techniques.


Sophia in Foxycut Salon Seattle

What truly touches the heart is her language and the conversation. Sophia has her way of making clients feel seen, heard, and deeply understood. Her words make the whole experience more profound than it could have been imagined. She’s more than a barber; she’s a beacon of authenticity in an often impersonal world.

The rest of the team are masters of their art. They cater to all varieties of hair types, textures, and lengths because, at Foxycut, self-expression is the only rule.

What Services do They Offer, and What are Their Charges?

Foxycut has fixed the base price for its services. After that, they add the cost equivalent to the amount of products used on the client’s hair. They even take consultations before an appointment to clarify any confusion about the cost. So, if you have abnormal hair length, texture, color, or any other issue, you can go ahead and book a consultation with Miguel. 

He is the right person to suggest what style will work best for you, which color you should choose, how hair can stay healthy for a long time, or what products help with better color retention. The salon charges for the services it provides and nothing extra, so there is no need to worry.

They Use High-end Quality Products

The sparkling, rainbow-colored hair would not result from any hair product. High-end quality products are used at Foxycut Salon because they understand the importance of good quality hair. Olaplex is used and suggested. It basically contains Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate ingredients that allow professionals to reach new heights in color & care. Hair wasn’t just healthier; it took on a completely different quality — blondes were brighter, brunettes more radiant, and redheads more vibrant. 

To Conclude

Foxycut Salon hair stylist

Foxycut is a place where good hair meets good vibes, creativity runs wild, and you will leave feeling like you just found your new favorite family. It gives wings to your inner rockstar, letting it shine bright. As you walk out of the salon, you are bombarded with compliments from people all around you. Get your hair done here, and let your game slay!

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