Fonda La Catrina Seattle- Compelling Haven for Mexican Cuisine

Are you craving some authentic Mexican food? You must check out Fonda La Catrina Seattle. Along with being a modern Mexican restaurant, this eatery gives an industrial chic vibe in a funky storefront setting. 

Step into this renowned restaurant and be ready to witness the warmth and joy all at once. The interior of Fonda La Catrina is a lot different from what you usually see in an eatery. Let us explore what makes this place a unique Mexican restaurant in Seattle.

Know About Fonda La Catrina Seattle 

Address: 5905 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108, United States

Phone: +1 206-767-2787


Located in the heart of Georgetown, Fonda La Catrina claims to be a 100% Mexican cuisine eatery. The dining space aims to bring Mexico’s real and authentic taste to Seattle for which they use the same practices used in Mexico to prepare Mexican cuisine. The team here believes that flavors are essential to life, so the food should be filled with them.

The best part about dining at Fonda La Catrina Seattle is you will surely be served Mexican cuisine as it is. This means there would be no twits and experiments with the food you are being served. Talking about the staff at this restaurant, you will never be disappointed to visit this place. The staff here is professional and will make you feel comfortable with their friendly and polite tone. 

Fonda La Catrina Seattle also says that the food being prepared and served here is considered a form of art. So, you can taste all the traditional and proper flavors in their dishes. 

Exploring The Rich Menu at Fonda La Catrina Seattle

Menu at Fonda La Catrina

The menu of Fonda La Catrina has a wide range of sections, including happy hour, brunch, lunch, dinner, drink, and more. Starting from the happy hour options, this restaurant offers happy hour from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 6 pm. So, if you want to have some exciting dishes like toritos de requeson, house margarita, or tacos dorados, visit between 3 to 6 pm.

If you are someone who likes to take breakfast and lunch as brunch, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, visit Fonda La Catrina from 11 am to 3 pm. And when you visit this eatery for a great mid-day or evening meal, you can ask your server about “today’s special.” For sides, you can order rice & beans, black or pinto beans, esquites- corn, cactus salad – roasted salad, etc. 

Now, look at one of the menu’s widely scrolled and seen sections- The drinks section. 

Enjoy Refreshing Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Drinks 

Refreshing Drinks

Fonda La Catrina Seattle can be your go-to option for a refreshing selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The bar section is the best part about this restaurant, created with colorful elements with a lot of art work on the wall. Whether you are a fan of a house cocktail, draft beer, or a typical beer, be confident to get everything you need. 

You can sip on a MI campo Cadillac made with mi campo reposado tequila and lime juice with additional ingredients. You can also try their house margarita, fresca, jalapeno margarita, or pretty spicy. For draft beer, don’t miss out on Modelo especially, counterbalance IPA, hales ales kolsch, and Georgetown mannys. 

For all the wine lovers out there, you can have 2019 scala ciro rosato, IT, 2018 chateau tetra launay, FR, and a lot of other wines. Apart from alcoholic drinks, some non-alcoholic drinks you must try are topo chico, Mexican coca cola, Bedford’s root beer, etc.

The Bottom Line

After reading so much about the rich flavors of the dishes served at Fonda La Catrina Seattle, it is clear that this place is not an ordinary eatery. It is an excellent place where Mexico’s culture, traditions, and flavors are celebrated. Whether you want to try those crispy Mexican starters or delicious main courses, you are sure to find everything on their menu.

And why try food alone when you can pair your favorite dishes with a glass of wine or a chilled beer? So, come alone or bring your friends along and make your evening more cozy and memorable. 

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