Bathtub Gin Seattle: The Crafted Delights

Make yourself go back to the times of the prohibition era by making your way into the stunning Bathtub Gin Seattle. As soon as you enter this exquisite location, be ready to experience the world of elegance and sophistication. 

Bathtub Gin is a perfect go-to place during those rainy days when you don’t want to work and just sip your favorite drink. While you are here, you will get the vibe of an old-school person, enjoying the evening at a classic yet astonishing place. 

The Ins and Outs of Bathtub Gin Seattle

Address: 2205 2nd Ave #310, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

Phone: +1 206-728-6069


ns and Outs of Bathtub Gin

The Bathtub Gin Seattle will make you go wow as soon as you enter this cocktail bar. This place is best known for its extensive range of prohibition-style cocktails along with an inviting and warm atmosphere. Being a multi-level cocktail bar, this is one of the most visited places where people forget their worries and sorrows. 

Because of the fact that this fantastic bar is not easy to find, a lot of people have not explored the bar yet. But we believe this treasure deserves a visit. The venue’s aesthetic and dimly lit ambiance offer the guest an intimate setting. Also, it is regarded as one of the best spots to go out for a date, family dinner, and a get-together. 

Bathtub Gin is located in the former basement boiler room of the Humphrey Building, designed in 1923. When you visit this bar, you will feel like staying here for a long time due to its positive and lively atmosphere. And also, you will want to come here every time you need an outing to a great place. 

The Mastermind Behind Bathtub Gin

The owner of Bathtub Gin Seattle, Jessica Gifford, is not just behind this ultimate bar but is also associated with a lot of other gems in the city. She is also managing other venues, including The Bear & The Bee, Lava Lounge, Mr. Darcy’s, Cottontail Club, and Rabbit Hole. 

With the commitment to bring the attention to detail and authenticity to the bar, Jessica worked hard to bring her vision to life. It was possible, due to her creativity and indulgence, that she ended up being the mastermind behind Bathtub Gin.

With her efforts and knowledge, she has helped this bar to evolve into a go-to destination for visitors and locals alike. Considering all that she has done to make this place worth all the appreciation, it is obvious that this is on the list of the future generation’s favorite bars in Seattle.

Try Out Their Featured Cocktails

Featured Cocktails

To have a taste of crafted nostalgia, you will have to taste the extensive range of featured cocktails at Bathtub Gin Seattle. 

Rose through a sidewalk: made of gin, kumquat liqueur, rose water, raspberry, and lemon. It is light and refreshing.

Bad, good, the same: This unique cocktail is made of mezcal, chareau, apricot liqueur, angostura bitters, mango, texas, ladders, lemon, cucumber, and aloe. 

Martina’s ground: If you are a fan of spicy cocktails, sip on this cocktail, a combo of gin, rhubarb liqueur, clove bitters, strawberry, brown butter, and lime.

Medusa’s legs: Can you take a slightly bitter taste? Try this amazing cocktail made of gin, averna, dubonnet rouge, rose vermouth, and sage bitters.

Hawaii kai II: A cocktail with a Polynesian touch. Expect it to have a taste of rum, coconut liqueur, macadamia nut orgeat, and cold brew coffee.

There is a lot on the list, but these 5 are a must-try. You may also want their beer collection, including trumer pilsner, dogfish head IPA, ace joker dry cider, and ambita amber. For wine, go for their red, white, bubbles, and rose wine. Apart from these, you can order whisky, scotch, rum, vodka, and tequila & mezcal. 

Summing Up

Setting foot in Bathtub Gin Seattle is just like going back to the times of sophistication and elegance. This stunning bar is perfect for anyone looking for the best cocktails, along with a vibrant atmosphere. This place has gained popularity over the years with Jessica Gifford’s hard work and patience. The wide range of drinks offered here makes Bathtub Gin an ideal spot for a friend’s reunion or a casual outing. So, don’t delay and plan your evening here soon.

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