7 Parks in Seattle that are Worth a Visit

Visiting the parks in Seattle is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Some parks are an excellent choice for family picnics as they have playgrounds and sports fields, while others offer hiking trails and views of nearby areas. They are also an escape from the busy city life. Many Seattle parks provide places of relaxation, play, and exercise. Going to parks not only allow us to relax, but it also allows us to be with nature and let our mind wander. 

These beautiful parks provide a place where families can spend time together without going too far from home. Many of the parks also host events such as concerts and festivals, making family activities more fun. They can be a great way to get out and explore the world. Moreover, it doesn’t have to cost a single cent either! Parks allow you to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings, so it’s worth checking out!

Let Us Explore Some Parks in Seattle

Take a look outside, and you will see parks nearby. If parks are around, why not take advantage of them? Let us discover some amazing parks in Seattle that are worth going to with family and friends.


Discovery Park

Discovery Park parks in seattleThis 534-acre natural area is one of the largest national parks in Seattle and occupies most of the former Fort Lawton site. Situated on Magnolia Bluff overlooking Puget Sound, Discovery Park offers spectacular views of both Cascade mountains and an Olympic Mountain range – all from your seat atop one of nature’s greatest locations. It is also a sanctuary for wildlife and an outdoor classroom to learn about the natural world. 

The secluded beaches at this secret getaway come complete with active dunes and meadowlands that you can enjoy for hours without interruption; thickets provide shelter against inclement weather while streams gurgle nearby, beckoning guests towards their waterside home. It doesn’t matter what type of fishing rod someone brings because there will inevitably be plenty here just waiting. The 100-foot length on either side is perfect for fishing or just taking in the scenery! Even boaters can explore its waters without restriction.

Address: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd, Seattle, WA 98199

Contact: 206-386-4236


Sunset Hill Park, Seattle – Among the Best Parks in Seattle

Sunset Hill ParkThis small yet scenic park in Seattle offers an excellent view of the Olympic Mountains & Elliott Bay. The site is also popular for weddings. Since the park has a limited seating arrangement, you can bring your chair or blanket to enjoy watching water views from this vantage point. It is the perfect place to plan a one-day picnic with your family and friends.

The park is at its best during sunset hours when everyone is sprawled across their picnic baskets, taking pictures while enjoying each other’s company. Even for those who love dogs (or any other animal), they should check out what seems like endless puppies running up and down these hillsides. Overall, it’s the best place to hang out with close ones.

Address: 7531 34th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Contact: 206-684-4075


Myrtle Edwards Park

Myrtle Edwards Park parks in seattleMyrtle Edwards Park is one of the best parks in Seattle. It has 1.25-mile winding bike and pedestrian paths along Elliott Bay. It also has fantastic views of the Olympics Mountains, Mount Rainier, and Puget Sound. Moreover, it has easy access from downtown and a good connection to bike paths to Magnolia.

The park was originally named Elliott Bay Park but was renamed after the late Seattle City Councilperson Myrtle Edwards in 1976. It celebrates a different kind of plant — the hemp plant and hosts an annual event named Seattle Hempfest. From 1964 until 2008, the park was the site of the annual Fourth of July-Ivar’s celebration, one of Seattle’s large Fourth of July fireworks shows.

Address: 3130 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121

Contact: 206-684-4075


Kerry Park – Best Park in Seattle

Kerry ParkKerry Park on Queen Anne Hill is another famous park in Seattle. The park sets itself up for picturesque photography by putting out benches that face the downtown skyline, perched with a view just under Mount Rainier. The park can get crowded at times, but when you’re busy finding just the right angle, you won’t even notice them. By day it sits in shadows, but come twilight, its low-angled lighting makes it a perfect place to shoot.

It is one of the best parks in Seattle with a view as it is often used as the backdrop for television news segments and other media depictions of the city. It is also famous for being featured in the films’ opening scenes, such as 10 Things I Hate About You and Frasier. Its views are considered the most iconic view of the city skyline, with the Space Needle prominent at the center, Elliott Bay to the west, and Mount Rainer in the background.

Address: 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119

Contact: 206-684-4075


Green Lake Park

Green Lake ParkGreen Lake Park is one of the most popular parks in Seattle. The expansive water and green spaces are a central feature that draws thousands from all over town to enjoy its natural beauty every day. Their fees apply for non-residents, but there’s no charge if you live within walking distance! You can explore 2 miles worth around entirely by foot or bike. It also offers bird watching opportunities on its wide variety of feathered residents like ducks!

It is a haven for water enthusiasts with its multiple points of access. The cove provides 50 feet along the eastern end, and there’s also an additional stretch between two piers–known as The Small Craft Center. Moreover, it has an amazing recreation area with trails, beach & boathouse, tennis courts, baseball fields, indoor pool, and much more. Overall, it is the best place to visit with family and friends and spend some quality time together. 

Address: 7201 East Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115

Contact: 206-684-4075


Ella Bailey Park – One of The Worth Visiting Parks in Seattle

Ella Bailey Park parks in seattleElla Bailey Park is one of the most enjoyable small parks in Seattle. It is the former playground for the adjacent former Magnolia Elementary School. Seattle Parks and Recreation renovated the space into a beautiful community playground with gently rolling slopes, play equipment, picnic tables, barbeques, and walking pathways. 

The park is situated on 1.41 acres at the base of Queen Anne Hill near the intersection of W Galer Street and Crockett Avenue West in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. The nearest cross-street to this park is 32nd Ave West. With its panoramic views of Mt. Rainier and downtown Seattle, Ella Bailey is one of the most popular destinations for viewing Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve fireworks. 

Address: 2601 W Smith St, Seattle, WA 98199

Contact: 206-684-4075


Carkeek Park

Carkeek ParkIn Carkeek Park, 220 acres of lush forest, meadows, wetlands, creeks, and beaches are created by the magic of water. Educational excursions also take place in the park; you can also plan a picnic or get involved as a volunteer teacher or as part of an outdoor work party. Walk the Pipers Canyon Story Trail plays on the uniquely salmon-themed play area.

Sustainable gardens, educated visitors, and a unique fruit orchard are the chief attraction of this park. WEWOS, a group of dedicated forest volunteers, works every Friday morning in the Carkeek Park forests. They remove invasives, plant trees, and shrubs, and do aftercare. It is a great place to plan school and excursions as it is botanically very rich.

Address: 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd, Seattle, WA 98177

Contact: 206-386-4236


Take a look outside, and you will see parks nearby. If parks are around you, why not take advantage of them? They are something that everyone should benefit from as they offer lots of relaxation, exploration, and fun time. Keep in mind that whenever you are feeling stressed or uninterested in life, you must visit parks for sure. So the next time you have nothing to do, plan something new as some of the best parks in Seattle are worth exploring! 

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