Uchi Miami – A Japanese Cuisine Experience!

Uchi Miami is quite a common name for most people to think about Sushi when they think of having Japanese food. But the fact that there is a lot of grilling, steaming, simmering as well as frying going on in Japanese restaurants. Beyond Sushi, you can think about soy-marinated fish filets, teriyaki, sukiyaki, udon, ramen, yakitori, and more. 

But what is the best place to enjoy the authentic flavor of Japanese foods in Miami? Well, without any second thoughts, let’s explore Uchi in Miami. 

Uchi Miami For Authentic Japanese Food

Address: 252 NW 25th Street Miami

Contact: 305-995-0915


All About Uchi Miami

Uchi, which means House in Japanese, is established by Chef Tyson Cole, a James Beard award-winning chef. Here you can experience an excellent combination of impeccable service and elevated food.

Uchi Miami interior

Speaking about some interesting facts about Uchi Miami, it all started in Austin. Besides, the two chefs you will find on the menu are not Japanese. But don’t worry, as they are well-known for making delicious Japanese dishes that satisfy your taste buds. Their approach is straightforward, i.e., global flavors combined with traditional Japanese food. You may find some unusual presentations, unexpected ingredients, and flavors at Uchi in Miami.

Moreover, the restaurant is relatively big, with more than 170 seats divided into a sushi bar with seating, multiple private dining rooms, and a regular bar. In terms of its interior, you will witness the Asian minimalist décor, neutral colors, natural materials, textile art, and various textures.

If you want to try out this place before making any commitment or cannot get a dinner reservation, then go for its happy hour, which runs from 5 pm to 6:30 pm every day at its bar section.

The Menu at Uchi Miami

Well, at Uchi Miami, you will find more than 80 dishes along with dessert. Furthermore, they have non-traditional Japanese cuisine, signature tastings, seasonal omakase, and Sushi. Here you can find delicious cold dishes such as Crudo and cooked items such as pork belly.

If you are at Uchi with someone and want to create an impression, you may get anxious while ordering through its massive a la carte menu. If you are looking for a crowd-favorite dish, go for the Hama chilly with orange, Thai chilly, yellowtail, and ponzu.

Uchi Miami food

Besides, you can give the kinoko nabe a try. Interestingly, this dish has crunchy koshihikari rice with egg yolk and perfectly cooked seasonal mushrooms. If you are confused, try out chef Dina Butterfield’s favorite dish Hirame Usuzukuri. 

Private Dining

Uchi Miami can be an excellent location to enjoy a wonderful private dining experience. Whether you are planning a get-together of 15 or 100 people, Uchi, Uchiba, or Uchiko has an ideal space for this. Moreover, it will be a perfect destination for occasions like birthdays, corporate events, and other special events. Based on your requirements, you can book its private dining room or the whole restaurant buyout. It also has a patio seating facility.

Unique Flavors at Uchi Miami

If you are in Miami and looking for a delicious tray of Sushi or ramen, then without any second thoughts, you can always visit Uchi Miami. Well, there is no doubt that mouth-watering and uniquely prepared food is an attractive event here. When you visit the place, you will undoubtedly realize that it is a fun restaurant, and here you can laugh loudly, sip some freshly-prepared cocktails and do more.

Wrapping Up

Uchi Miami is a perfect place to celebrate any special occasion. So, if you are in 25th St, Miami, and feel like trying out some Japanese food, then Uchi is your spot. Get ready to devour unique Japanese delicacies and have a blast!

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